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Why can’t I open a downloaded PDF file on my mobile?

PDF format is designed in such a way that it can be recognized and opened in all operating systems, including Windows, Mac, and Android. We all know how to open PDF files in Windows, but for many people who use Android smartphones, it is very difficult to open PDF files. And they might have problem in opening them and ask themselves Why can’t I open a downloaded PDF file on my mobile? So, we decided to talk about the reasons of this question and suggest some solution in this article on FACE Converter.


How do I open a downloaded PDF on my Phone?

Among the most popular PDF reader programs Adobe Reader has a very high reputation among Windows systems. But, opening PDF on your mobile is sometimes not as easy as you think! Of course, since in the world of technology, a solution is found for every problem, today various solutions have been provided to open and read PDF files on all kinds of mobile devices. First of all, you must know about the reasons and then be familiar with some solutions. The possible reasons of your questions of “why can’t I open a PDF file on my mobile?”, why PDF is not opening in my Phone, why can’t I download PDF files on android phone or how to open PDF files on Android are:

Why is my PDF not opening after downloading

  • You don’t have the last version of the apps like Adobe Reader that you use for opening PDF file.
  • The file format has adaptability issues and it is necessary to convert it into a different format like .txt or .docx.
  • Your phone has not enough storage and memory for opening the file.

Now, lets start to know about the alternatives for these reasons.

  1. Download or update the last version of Adobe Reader and browser

In order to open a PDF file on your phone, you need to have or install PDF reader. There are different versions of PDF reader that you can use them whether for iOS or Android. After selecting the app and install it, or upgrade the last version that you need, you can open a downloaded PDF.

Another possible reason that you should take in to account is that the version of your browser or chrome is outdated and PDF is not opening in chrome mobile. So, you have to update it to the last version, too.

  1. Check the file format of PDF and your phone website

In some occasions, some special files are not supported by your phone. So, you need to check your phone’s website to see what kind of files are supported by your phone. Or, sometimes, Adobe PDF are not supported and you have to convert Adobe PDF in to regular PDF to be able to be read by your phone. And even, maybe the PDF file is corrupted and you need to convert it in to another format, such as PDF to JPEG to be opened on your phone.

Why can't i open PDF files on my Android phone?

  1. Clear Cache or your phone storage

Maybe, there are files on your phone that stored temporarily that cause not opening PDF on your phone. So, you have to clear out your temporarily files or your cache to let other files to be open. Or, sometimes the browser cache is full, and it is necessary to clear the history of it.

Note: It might be that you pay attention and consider all of the reasons and solutions, but it isn’t possible for you to open pdf on your phone. In this time, you have another choice for opening PDF on your phone. You can use UPDF. UPDF is trustworthy choice that you use efficiently for opening you PDF on your phone. It can help you like PDF. It allows you to edit, commentate, organize, compress any other activities that you do with PDF. So, it is worthy to have it on your phone.


“Why can’t I open a downloaded PDF on my mobile?” is a common question that users of all kind of mobile can face with. Therefore, follow the above reasons one by one and see which solution is the best for your reason. But if you want to avoid all of the above solution, you can use UPDF on your mobile. You can find this article and other software problem articles on Face Converter. We also like to say that we are waiting to see your comments about the problem of not opening downloaded pdf on your phone and the solution that you used to solve it and share it with readers and us.

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