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How do I speed up a large Illustrator File?

Although Adobe illustrator is a powerful program, it sometimes runs slowly, especially in working with large and complex artwork. But generally, to speak, the speed of illustrator is remarkable by the hardware, operating system and the measurable factors that is selected. If you frequently encounter with problems of performance issue, you can do a number of things that help you to increase the speed. As a result, in this article on Face Converter, we talk about the problem and question of many of you How do I speed up a large illustrator file?


How do I make illustrator run faster with large files?

Surely, when you work with large files in illustrator, the speed of this program is decreased. But if you notice that illustrator speed come down more than usual, try the methods that will be suggested in the following parts. But to say briefly and usefully, you can improve the speed of your illustrator by optimizing operating system, upgrading storage drive, minimizing the size of the file and complexity and optimizing illustrator files, Optimizing Fonts and increasing available memory. Now, lets start to talk about each one separately and completely. You can follow these suggestions for answering your questions such as How do I speed up a large Illustrator File?, How do I speed up a large illustrator file in Windows 10 and Windows?, How do I speed up a large illustrator file on Mac?, and they can also be the reasons of Why is illustrator is so slow on Mac or iPad?

How do i speed up a large illustrator file on windows

  1. Optimizing your operating system

For reducing fragmentation and errors of files, it is better that you check the hard disk. You can best utilize the available space by the use of Disk defragment programs both for Windows and Mac. You can also check the errors of your hard disk with a third-party disk such as Norton Utility. Or as you know, fragmentation happen when the assign memory is larger than the memory of the program. And the difference between these two memories is fragmentation. So, we need a disk defragmentation to make drive to work effectively. You can do it in the order of:

  • In search bar of taskbar, enter defrag
  • Choose Defragment and Optimize Drives
  • Choose the disk drive you want to optimize
  • Choose the Optimize button

How do i speed up a large illustrator file windows 10


  1. Upgrading your storage drive

A hard drive or SSD is much faster than the traditional drive. If your PC has a low storage space, you can increase the size of SSD by upgrading it by the following ways:

  • Upgrade an existing drive
  • Replace an existing drive
  • Install an additional drive

By upgrading your storage drive, you can make illustrator run faster and increase the speed of large files.


  1. Minimizing and optimizing the file and Complexity

Large and complex files can remarkably slow down the sequence of your work in illustrator. So, it is very important to learn how to reduce the file size for ease of performance without delay. You can do it by

  • Saving options
  • Deleting unused graphic styles and symbols
  • Using linked images
  • Trimming of unnecessary embedded image data
  • Decreasing the resolution of raster effect
  • Removing surplus points
  • Using symbols
  1. Optimize Fonts

You need to install only the fonts that are necessary to illustrator and other apps performance. You can manage the fonts yourself, but there are font management apps that help you to manage them. One of these apps is FontBase.

  1. Increase available memory

You can do it by selecting a suitable paging file size. The maximum paging file size for illustrator is three times larger than the RAM value. And you can do it as the following order:

  • Close all applications
  • Select
    1. Start
    2. Control Panel
  • System
  1. Advanced System Setting
  • Choose Advanced from System Properties
  • In the Performance, choose settings and then select Advanced
  • In the list of Virtual Memory, click Change
  • Disable Automatically manage paging file size for all drives
  • Select a hard drive that has three times free space as you have in your RAM. Then select Special Size in the new memory size

So, you can allocate more RAM to illustrator in this way.

How do I make Illustrator run faster with large files



In this study on Face Converter, we talked about just five approaches of your question of how do I speed up a large Illustrator File? In reality, there is no one way that you can do directly for speeding up the large files in illustrator. You should take in to account all the possibilities that result the app files so slow and the solutions for increasing the speed. The last thing that is necessary to say is that don’t forget to convert AI to PDF after completing your work, and it is ready for print. Moreover, is there any approach that you know for increasing the speed of large files in illustrator except the ones that we talk in this study? We ask you to share them in comment with others if possible.


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