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Why PDF icon changed to Chrome?

Does your PDF file open in chrome although you want to read and edit it in pdf program? This is a common problem, and it happen because of some usual reasons.  The Google Chrome browser downloads and displays PDF files directly, but features such as highlighting, bookmarks, and marking to continue reading the file in other areas and features for editing PDF content are not available in it, and for this reason, and not all users choose it. Therefore, we decided to tell you why PDF icon changed to chrome and some solutions to solve the problem in this article on Face Converter.


Why is my PDF file showing as Chrome and how do I stop it?

Google Chrome browser, like most advanced browsers today, opens PDF files and can be used as a lightweight PDF reader. This is probably the coolest feature available by default, and if you want to quickly view all PDFs as HTML, you can get this feature in Chrome without installing an extension. But the user may not like its few features and too much simplicity of Chrome, and install another software to read and edit PDF files. Don’t worry! You can solve this problem very easily. The reasons of why your PDF icon change to chrome and they are shown as chrome can be the following:

  • You don’t have PDF reader
  • Your Chrome PDF Viewer is turn on


  • You didn’t change Adobe Reader as Default program and you set google Chrome as a default program for opening PDF
  • You let the Add on in the PDF reader. You changed setting to open PDF files by the use of Chrome.

Now let’s start to solve the above reasons for fixing the problem of how to change chrome HTML document to PDF and changing PDF icon from chrome to adobe.


  1. Install PDF reader

First of all, you have to check and see whether you have an installed PDF reader or not. Right click on your PDF file and select Open with. A list of apps appears on your screen. Check whether there is a PDF reader on the list or not. If not, you need to install a PDF viewer.

Why did my PDF icons change to Chrome?

  1. Turn off your Chrome PDF viewer

Now, you have a PDF reader, but your PDF files still open in Chrome. At this time, it is supposed that your Pdf viewer of Chrome opens downloaded pdf files by default. So, you need to disable PDF viewer in order to open PDF in your reader software rather than in chrome. You can turn it off in this way:

  • Open your chrome and select the three dots at the right corner
  • Click on settings

Why did my PDF file change to Chrome?

  • Choose the Privacy and security

Why pdf icon changed to chrome windows 10


  • Move to Site setting and click on it
  • Find additional content setting at the end of the list and click on it
  • Select PDF Document

Why is my PDF saved as Chrome?


  • Choose the Download PDF because your default is on open PDFs in chrome.

How do I change my PDF from Chrome to Adobe

  1. Change Adobe reader as your Default program in Four ways. (This solution is for Why PDF icon changed to chrome Window 10 and 11)

  • You must be sure that your CP recognize PDF and can open it.
  • Right click on your PDF file and select Properties
  • In the file property window, choose Change

Why pdf icon changed to chrome windows 10

  • choose Adobe Acrobat Dc and click Ok

How to change Chrome icon to PDF


  • Set Default PDF reader through Open With.
  • Right click a Pdf file and select Open with
  • Choose another app in the list of applications
  • On the window that is opened with question of How do you want to open this file, choose PDF viewer app and select the box Always use this App to open. PDF files and then click OK.

How do I change the PDF icon back to the default Adobe Reader icon?


  • Set Default PDF viewer through Settings
  • Open your Control Panel and choose Default program, and select Associate a file type or protocol with a program.

How do I change my PDF from Chrome to Adobe?


  • Find your PDF entry, and then click change program. Then a window opens for you to choose the preferred default PDF viewer.


  • You can click on more apps if you couldn’t find your preferred default PDF viewer. Once you can find it, click open after you set the location of it on your PC.

Why PDF icon changed to Chrome?

  • Set Default PDF in the app

For doing this, you can open your considered app. After that, a window will be opened and ask you to make it the default app or not. You should click OK. You can do it also by going to the app’s settings or preferences.

  4.Change setting to open PDF in the PDF Reader

Some PDF reader like Adobe Acrobat DC allows PDF files to open in Chrome. If you don’t like this to happen again do the following process:

  • Open your Acrobat Reader
  • Click account icon and choose Preferences
  • Click internet in the left panel and then chose internet settings
  • Select program in the next window
  • Select manage add-ons and then click Acrobat Reader
  • Select Disable to make sure that PDF won’t be open in chrome

Why did my PDF icons change to Chrome?


I hope that you got the reasons of why PDF icon changed to Chrome and solved this problem of your PDF files by reading this article on Face converter. I like to say that we are very glad to see your comment if you also experience this problem and share with us your solution. I also invite you to visit our site and use our converter tools for converting your AI to PDF and JPEG to PDF directly without any effort and do it very easily if you need.

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