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why pdf is not opening in telegram

Have you attempted to view a PDF file on Telegram? Have you encountered any difficulties opening it? The PDF file format has gained widespread popularity for sharing and archiving documents. Nevertheless, specific messaging applications, such as Telegram, cannot open PDF files directly within the application. This can be an irritating encounter for users who desire to promptly view or share crucial documents without needing to alternate between applications. Enabling the capability to access PDFs within Telegram would significantly augment its functionality and convenience for its users. Furthermore, it would enhance efficiency and time management by eliminating the necessity of frequently switching between multiple applications. In this article on face converter, we will be discussing why pdf is not opening in telegram. Please follow us for further information.

Possible reasons why pdf is not opening in telegram

It is imperative to inform you that your PDF reader or preferred program is outdated and requires an update. The PDF application may be experiencing some form of damage or require a reboot. It appears that the PDF may have incurred damage or unauthorized alterations. A potential virus or malicious attack seems to have compromised a PDF file.

The current version of Telegram is out of date

The current version of Telegram is out of date. The software’s performance may be a contributing factor, as newer versions may have addressed any existing bugs or improved compatibility with PDF files. Furthermore, it is plausible that the concern may be associated with the device or operating system utilized to access Telegram. To successfully open PDFs in Telegram, it is imperative to conduct troubleshooting and accurately identify the underlying cause.

The PDF file appears to be corrupted

The PDF file appears corrupted or damaged, potentially resulting in difficulties when attempting to access the file via any software application. In this scenario, it may be necessary to try opening the PDF in an alternative program or performing a file repair to rectify the issue.

There is a lack of available storage space on the device

Insufficient storage capacity on the device may hinder the opening of PDF files in Telegram. Deleting unnecessary files or applications may assist in resolving the issue by freeing up storage space. If the problem persists, it may be advisable to transfer specific files to an external storage device or consider upgrading the device’s storage capacity.

Device Compatibility with PDF viewer

Some devices may not have the necessary software or hardware to open PDF files. Make sure your device has a PDF viewer or reader installed. If not, you can download a PDF reader app from your device’s app store and fix the pdf not opening in telegram problem.

In the following, we will present various solutions to fix this issue.

why pdf is not opening in telegram

Solutions to Open PDFs in Telegram

To fix this problem, you can try different ways. To address the concern of inadequate storage capacity on your device, you should consider transferring some of your files to cloud storage or an external hard drive. An alternative approach would be to uninstall applications that are no longer necessary or in use. Additionally, clearing the cache and data of applications that occupy a significant amount of storage space is possible. If none of the above remedies prove effective, upgrading to a device with greater storage capacity may be advisable.

Update Telegram to the latest version

To utilize their latest feature enabling automatic deletion of messages after a specified duration. This feature can assist in optimizing storage capacity on your device without necessitating manual deletion of messages. Moreover, a file manager application for Update Telegram to the latest version recommends conveniently locating and removing sizable files or directories occupying extra storage on your device. if you need to convert rgb to cmyk , arw to raw , png to apngCr3 to jpg or eps to ai and jpf to jpeg check our converter.

Note: Please be aware that using unofficial versions of Telegram may lead to unforeseen issues that are not present in the official release. One common problem is telegram files not opening. To minimize the likelihood of encountering such issues, it is advisable to use the original, officially released versions of Telegram.

Try opening the PDF in a different app

Try opening the PDF in a different app We recommend attempting to access the PDF using an alternative application to determine whether the file corrupts or if the problem lies with the previous application utilized. . If the file fails to open, we recommend downloading it once more or contacting the sender to request a retransmission. It is advisable to perform regular backups of critical files to mitigate the risk of losing them in the event of device malfunction or misplacement.

Free up storage space on your device

One may transfer files to cloud storage or an external hard drive to free up space and enhance device performance. Regularly cleaning up your device is crucial to ensuring optimal performance and efficiency.

Downloading a Appropriate PDF Reader App

If your device doesn’t have a PDF viewer or reader pre-installed or if you prefer a different PDF reading experience, you can easily download one from your device’s app store or marketplace. Popular PDF reader apps are available for both mobile devices and desktop computers.

    • Mobile Devices: For Android, you can download apps like Adobe Acrobat Reader, Foxit PDF Reader, or Xodo PDF Reader & Editor from the Google Play Store. On iOS devices, you can use apps like Adobe Acrobat Reader or Apple’s Books app to open and view PDFs.
    • Desktop Computers: On Windows, Adobe Acrobat Reader, Foxit Reader, and Microsoft Edge are options. On macOS, you can use Preview, Adobe Acrobat Reader, or other third-party PDF viewers.

Ensure that your PDF reader app and your device’s operating system are up to date. Updates may include bug fixes, performance improvements, and support for newer PDF file formats.

why pdf is not opening in telegram

Various Ways to Open PDFs in Telegram

If all of the methods above have been attempted, but the PDF files remain inaccessible, online conversion tools or applications may be utilized for file conversion.

Convert the PDF to a different file format

It is compatible with Telegram, for instance, as a JPEG or PNG. There are several online converters and applications available to accomplish this task. Moreover, it is recommended that you attempt to access the PDF document using an alternative PDF reader application on your device before distributing it through Telegram.

Share the PDF through a cloud storage service like Google Drive or Dropbox

After uploading the PDF file to the cloud, you may share the link via Telegram to enable others to access and download it conveniently. This presents a viable solution for PDF files of considerable size that may exceed Telegram’s file size limit. Have you ever faced a problem sending PDFs in Google Classroom? To fix this problem, you can read how to send PDFs in the Google Classroom article.

Use another app like Adobe Acrobat to open the PDF within Telegram

This feature facilitates convenient PDF viewing and sharing, removing the need to toggle between multiple applications on your device. Verifying the application’s compatibility with Telegram before downloading it is advisable.

telegram pdf not opening

How can I change my default PDF viewer in Telegram?

To change your default PDF viewer in Telegram, you typically need to adjust your device’s settings rather than directly within the Telegram app itself. The steps may vary slightly depending on the operating system you’re using (such as Android or iOS), but here are general instructions:


  1. Android:

    1. Go to your device’s Settings.
    2. Look for “Apps” or “Applications” and tap on it.
    3. Find and select the current default PDF viewer app.
    4. Tap on “Clear defaults” or a similar option.
    5. The next time you open a PDF in Telegram, it should prompt you to select a new default app. Choose your preferred PDF viewer from the list and select “Always.”


  1. iOS:


  • On iOS, you can’t directly change the default PDF viewer system-wide, but you can try opening the PDF in another app from within Telegram.
  • When you tap on a PDF file in Telegram, it should give you the option to “Open In…” or “Export” the file. Select this option, and then choose the PDF viewer app you want to use.


  1. Desktop (Windows, macOS, Linux):


  • The default PDF viewer is typically determined by your operating system settings.
  • On Windows, you can go to Settings > Apps > Default apps, and then choose your preferred PDF viewer.
  • On macOS, you can change the default PDF viewer by selecting a PDF file, then right-clicking and choosing “Get Info.” Under “Open With,” select your preferred PDF viewer, and then click “Change All.”
  • On Linux distributions, the method varies depending on your desktop environment, but it usually involves going to System Settings or Preferences and looking for Default Applications.

By changing your default PDF viewer in your device’s settings, Telegram should use the new default viewer the next time you open a PDF file within the app. If you’re experiencing issues such as telegram pdf not opening, pdf not opening in telegram, or telegram file not opening, these steps may help resolve them.


In conclusion, why pdf is not opening in telegram; there are multiple methods to enhance the performance of your device and efficiently manage your files. By performing regular device maintenance and utilizing alternative ways for opening PDFs in Telegram, you can optimize your specialized experience. By implementing these strategies, one can ensure that their device operates smoothly and efficiently, enabling them to enhance productivity and maintain seamless connectivity.

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