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I am Sanaya, and I'm glad you're using my content and writings. I've been active in the technology field for the past 5 years, dedicating myself to studying and working in this domain. My expertise primarily lies in various mobile and computer software, which you can find on this website. Occasionally, you might come across writings in other technology domains, which stem from my personal experiences. I hope you enjoy my writings and share them with others who are interested in the field of technology.

How do I speed up a large Illustrator File

How do I speed up a large Illustrator File?

Although Adobe illustrator is a powerful program, it sometimes runs slowly, especially in working with large and complex artwork. But generally, to speak, the speed of illustrator is remarkable by the hardware, operating system and the measurable factors that is selected. If you frequently encounter with problems of performance issue, you can do a number …

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