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How to undo all the changes in Lightroom?

If you are habituated to use lightroom for editing your photos, you should know that it makes the job of undoing very easy. Whether you made a mistake or don’t like the results, you can undo all the changes in lightroom. And, knowing how to undo in lightroom can save your time. Otherwise, you lose the time by starting over and doing again your work. In this article, on Face Converter, keep reading to learn more about how to undo all the changes in Lightroom.


How to remove all edits in Lightroom?

You may hear the word undo or redo in all Office programs or any other computer program. This command allows us to go a few steps back and do changes if necessary or correct your mistake. For example, some version of Office, don’t permit you to remove your edits and changes more than 16 times by default. But Lightroom allows you an unlimited number of undo. Therefore, if you decided to change a preset that you added or you want to add or adjust something else, you can undo as many times as you need. But you should take into account nondestructive editing in lightroom. The program doesn’t modify the original form and it only create a JPEG preview for every editing parts. So, you can undo all the changes in lightroom in the following three ways:

  1. History Panel

History panel visually display every editing step done in lightroom. You can find it on the left side of the Developed module. You can find your performed editing steps of images and the changes in values in the history Panel. For example, if you go back 10steps and adjust the Exposure, lightroom allow you to have a new entry in the History panel and omit the 10 editing steps. And on each line, you can see any details that you have done during editing. If you click on a step in the history panel, any edit that you do after that will be disabled. In the below picture, since I clicked Blue Saturation Shift, not only Crop Rectangle but also Sharpening won’t be visible in the image anymore. They are still there but you cannot see them. Moreover, in this case, it states that I increased Photo’s Blue Saturation Shift by 100 points and now the value of this attribute is 100.

How to undo all the changes in Lightroom?


  1. Snapshot Panel

Snapshot is a quick capture of the moment. Maybe you ask this question of yourself why we

need the snapshot Panel as Lightroom automatically records every step in History Panel. It saves some special steps during our going back. And it makes easier to go back to certain point in time which is sometimes hard to find it in a very long list of steps in history. Creating a snapshot, is very easy by pressing Ctrl+N or click (+) sign that is in front snapshot, then enter a name in the Snapshot box that appear on the screen. You can a name that can be relative to the stage of development with a leading number to sort in snapshot in order. It saves time and you can find copies for future use.

How do I reset my Lightroom edits to original

  1. Reset

If you want to undo all the changes in lightroom and go back to zero, you can go to the history panel on import in reset setting and the image will go back to the original one that you had import it. But the image goes back to the develop preset if you imported your photo from there. So, if you really want to have your original photo that was on the camera, click Reset button on the lower right. You can also press Ctrl+ Shift+ R to reset all the changes from any module. The benefit of applying Reset is that you go back to the first part if you change your mind. And it is part of the history and you can undo all the changes that you made.

How to undo all the changes in lightroom presets


I should tell you that we have plenty of options for undoing all the changes in Lightroom. But here in this article on Face Converter, we suggest the three ways that is more usable and easier. But as you know, you have to convert the original file in to another form to be able to be read by your system and then you can edit and undo the changes. For example, if the original file was in the form of cr3 you have to convert it to JPG or you can convert Cr3 to JPG via Face Converter, directly. Moreover, understanding how each option of undoing all changes can help you to do it faster.

I like to know that which options of undoing all the changes in Lightroom did you use that was very fast and easy. Can you suggest them in the comment that share with others, too?



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