Face converter ยป How do I move a mask to another layer in Photoshop?

How do I move a mask to another layer in Photoshop?


Mask is very important tool for you who works with photoshop. It allows you precise editing to each layer without any effect on the other parts. It is almost like a stencil, when you use it, and only certain parts of the paper are colored, and the rest of the parts remain unchanged. But, when you work on a complicated work with multiple layers, managing the masks can be frightening. Therefore, ability to move a mask to another layer unavoidable. As a result, we will explore how to move a mask to another layer in photoshop to help you use it more effectively in this article on Face Converter.

How to move a mask to a new layer in photoshop?

Photoshop Layer is built entirely on layers and layer stacks. Everything you do in Photoshop is done as a layer. All the layers of each document are placed on top of each other and form that document. Whatever is on the topmost layer is displayed on the layers bellow. Layers alone can’t do much. It’s rare that you end up your work with stacking several layers on top of each other. Usually, different parts of different layers are combined with each other and form the final image. The layer masks come in handy here. They are used to hide or show some parts of the layers by black and white and sometimes you need to move them to other layers. By default, a layer and its mask are linked, so moving one also moves the other, and with separating them, you can move the layer and mask separately or together. Now, in the following parts, we are talking about moving a mask to another layer both with and without its layer or even move your musk by coping to another layer.

  1. Move a mask without its layer to another layer

By default, a layer and its mask are joined together. Therefore, moving one cause the other one to move, too. If you unlink them, you can move them separately. To do this, click the chain icon between the two thumbnails. And then, in order to move the mask, select the move tool from toolbar or the shortcut V on the keyboard. After that, click the layer mask thumbnail in order to choose it. Then, drag the mask to the layer that you want. After dragging the musk, the image stats in its place.

How do I turn a layer mask into a layer in Photoshop?

  1. Move a mask with its layer to another layer

If you want to move mask and layer together, you have to rejoin them. You can do it with clicking between the two thumbnails to bring back the chain icon. Then you click and drag them to the layer that you want. So, you move mask with its layer at the same time.

Photoshop move layer and mask together

  1. Copy a mask to another layer

Sometimes, you want to use a mask on different layers. It is very easy. The best way to do this is that you copy the mask. For example, you can copy the mask of one of your images that to another image that you just bring it to the project. You can copy it by pressing and taking Alt on your keyboard and then drag the mask to the layer that you want. After you copy it, the identical mask will be used for another image. Or you can do it as follow:

  • Click on the mask you want to copy
  • Go to properties panel and click on the load selection
  • In the adjustment panel, select layer and then select new adjustment or fill layer. But first, you have the selection loaded. Otherwise, it ends up with a blank mask.

How do you copy a mask from one layer to another in photoshop

Be aware that you have to convert the format of RGB to CMYK in order to be able to print your images that were edited in photoshop.


We tried to let you know how to move a mask to another layer in photoshop in this tutorial article on Face Converter. Moreover, you know that photoshop has hundred of tools for creation of great images. Also, every tool is useful for certain situations. But masks are foundational tool for artists to view Photoshop workflow. They use it for covering and showing parts of a layer, to creating advanced selections and work nondestructively. So, it is very important to know how they work. And, we talked just about their movement from layer to layer that you can read it and learning how, simply. Do you Know other ways for moving mask to another layer? If you know, please share it with others in the comment.

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