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How to convert cr3 to jpg in Lightroom?

Have you ever tried to know how to convert cr3 to jpg in lightroom? Maybe someone sent you a cr3 file and you wanted to open it. Or maybe you put your camera to cr3 mode mistakenly. Or maybe you wanted to use cr3 mode. If you take photos in cr3 and want to upload them online, you’ll need to convert them to JPG after editing. This is easy to do in Lightroom. But, as you know, lightroom is a nondestructive editor and it avoid to change the original form. Therefore, here in this article on Face Convertor, we try to let you know how to convert cr3 to jpg in lightroom.

How do I convert CR3 to JPEG in Lightroom?

Classic lightroom treat the original cr3 file as a master negative that they were derived for printing and copies and they back in film days. And cr3 files are not image files. They just contain all the raw data from your camera’s sensor. Cr3 files are unusable. They are also significantly larger because they hold much more information than your camera sensor. Colors in cr3 files look muted and dull. Therefore, you should edit the photo and then export it as a JPG for sharing and other uses. Since JPG compresses details into smaller file sizes, this saves a lot of space.  Therefore, you need to convert them to JPG to be usable. One way to convert cr3 is that you should make another copy in the form of for example JPG. In this manner, cr3 files stay present in the main list of the category and the original form kept. But, in addition of exporting cr3 file to jpg, you can also convert them online. Now, let’s to start to know each one separately:


Converting cr3 to jpg in lightroom:

  •   Step 1: Open Lightroom and import cr3 files from your camera.
  •   Step 2: Go to File > Import Photos and Video and add it to your lightroom catalogue. Select the photos you want to edit by right click. By default, all new photos will be selected.
  •   Step 3: Select cr3 files or images that you want to convert.
  •   Step 4: Click right on the cr3 image that you selected in the library or develop module

How To Convert cr3 To JPEG In Lightroom

The selected image is highlighted.

  • Step 5: Choose export from the menu or use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Shift+E.

How to Convert RAW to JPG in Lightroom Classic

  •   Step 6: In the export setting window, set your image format to JPG. But first, you have to select the export image format under the file settings panel. You also need to select the sRGB option
  •  Step 7: Choose 100% quality for having maximum image quality, and for web publishing choose 80%.

How to convert cr3 to jpg in lightroom without losing


  •   Step 8: In order to save the final image, first select hard drive option from the export menu. Next, select for example desktop because it is the fastest and easiest way of selecting export location. Then Check the option put in subfolder and choose a name such as JPG export.
  • Step 9: Click export in order to finish your conversion from cr3 to JPG

How to convert cr3 to jpg in lightroom mac

Online converter

An easy way to convert your cr3 files to JPG online converter. You can find some website that can do it for you directly and completely without any hardship. For suggestion, I can tell you tat you can do it in Face converter, too. This advanced converter is handled to convert your files with accuracy and retain the quality during changing the format. You can convert your cr3 to JPG or vice versa. It has a very easy step.

  • Upload your images
  • Select the desired output format that here is cr3 to JPG
  • Let First Converter magically work

In a short time, you will have your converted images to your preferred format and ready to use or share it for any application. Then you can download your converted image file.


Advantages of converting cr3 files to JPG in lightroom

  1. Reduce file size: JPG files are usually much smaller in size than cr3 files. This makes JPG files more suitable for sharing or using on the Internet.
  2. Improved loading speed: JPG files load faster than cr3 files. This can be useful for websites and other applications that use images.
  3. Improved compatibility: JPG files are compatible with most image editing programs and displays. This makes JPG files suitable for use on a wide variety of devices and applications.


Now, you know how to convert cr3 files to JPG in lightroom by reading this article on Face converter. And, as you got it , the process of this converting ensures that your cr3 files remain untouched. If there are any questions or any ideas about how to convert cr3 to JPG in lightroom, please inform us and others in comment.



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