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How do I stop Adobe from automatically opening files?

Why Adobe automatically open files? How do I stop it? It seems that we all asked ourselves these questions at some points. And more seriously, our Adobe files open automatically in our default browser not in the PDF reader. If so, we want to say that it is a common problem and it is easy to resolve. If you ever surprised why this occur, or you are interested to know the answer of the question of “How do I stop Adobe from automatically opening files?” don’t stop reading this article on Face Converter.

How do I remove Adobe from opening files?

You should remember that the behavior of files that are automatically opened is usually controlled by the browser and other application settings. And this is not directly relating to Adobe Acrobat itself. So, by adjusting the settings, you can remove automatically opening files. Now, lets start to talk about each of these setting separately to get the answers of “How do I stop Adobe from automatically opening files?”

  1. Google Chrome

Adobe Acrobat is one of the best programs for reading PDF; but occasionally, PDF are open in its alternatives like google chrome. This may happen because of two reasons:

  • Maybe you don’t have a PDF reader such as Adobe acrobat, so google chrome is a chance for reading PDF
  • You set the default setting to open PDF on your google chrome, not on your PDF reader

After that you understand the reasons, you should know how to stop Adobe from automatically open files in Chrome?

To make PDF not open in chrome, do the next steps:

  • Open chrome setting by clicking the three dots on the right corner and select setting in the list

How do I get Adobe to stop opening files automatically


  • Select Security and Privacy, and then click on Site Settings

How to stop Adobe Reader from automatically opening Mac


  • In Additional content setting, choose PDF Documents

How to stop Adobe Acrobat from opening automatically in Chrome


  • Select the choice Download PDFs

How do i stop adobe from automatically opening files on my



  1. Adobe Acrobat Preferences

If you want to open your PDF files in Adobe Acrobat, you can go to the setting of Adobe and set it as default. In order to change the Adobe Acrobat setting for reading PDF, you can follow the next steps:

  • Start up Adobe Acrobat and click on Setting
  • Select Preferences
  • After opening a new window, select Internet from the list
  • Then choose Internet Setting
  • In the window that is opened, select Programs
  • Click Manage Add-Ons and then choose Adobe Acrobat Reader
  • Finally, click on Disable and choose OK in order to save.


  1. Install a PDF reader if you don’t have

If you don’t have a PDF reader, Adobe files can open automatically in other programs. So, you have to install Adobe to stop automatically opening files. After installing Adobe on your PC, windows ask you which program you like to use every time for viewing PDF. In order to set Adobe as default PDF reader, do the following steps:

  • Install Adobe Acrobat
  • After clicking on Continue, a pop window open. Select Changes to open the Open with area
  • Select Adobe Acrobat DC and then choose Apply and after that select OK for saving your changes.
  • Finally, try to download an open a PDF file to make sure it has worked usefully and Adobe automatically opens PDF

Some related Questions that you may ask about stopping Adobe from automatically opening files:

How to stop Adobe Reader from automatically opening Mac?

You can change the setting in order to stop opening files automatically in the following order:

How to stop Adobe Reader from automatically opening Mac?

  • Select Black Apple in the left corner of your screen
  • Chose System Preferences and then Users and Groups
  • Click on the Login Items
  • Select the app that you want to stop from opening files in the application list.
  • Click on Minus Sign. So, the application is removed from opening files when you start Mac afterward.


How to Stop PDFs from Opening When Saved via MS Word/Excel?

You can follow the following steps in windows 10. It may different for other system but it can help to give a general idea.

  • Go to Start menu
  • Click on the Settings then choose Devices and Printers & Scanners in order.
  • Choose Adobe PDF printer or whichever PDF option you are using for saving your PDF
  • Click on the Manage and then Printing Preferences and choose Remove the check mark for View Adobe PDF results
  • Click on the OK to save changes.


In this article, we tried to help you to know the answer of your question how do I stop Adobe from automatically opening files? on Face Converter in some programs. And, maybe there are other programs that you want to Know about how to stop opening files in them, too. Please tell us about the other programs that want to know in comments and we try to let you know in other articles very soon. Or, you can also check Face Converter for finding the related articles and converting tools such as PDF to JPEG and PDF to AI.



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