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Why does my Adobe Illustrator keep crashing?

Adobe illustrator is doing a great job in developing work for you as the designers, but it is usual for it to crash. You will be using it very easily and without any problem in one time, and the next time you will see that it has crashed and doesn’t work progressively. In spite of the fact that illustrator is a well-known program, it has some problems with crashes. Therefore, we want to talk about several reasons of ‘why does Adobe illustrator keep crashing?’ in this special study on Face Converter.


How do I stop illustrator from crashing?

Adobe illustrator is very beneficial program in the world and many people use this program. The logo or the comic book you like it very much has been designed with illustrator. But it cannot identify the reasons of crashing by itself! So, we list several causes that can be behind your question of “why does my illustrator keep freezing”. And that you can identify how to fix the crashes really depends on the causes of crash. Some of the reasons that you need to know are:

  • Outdated version of Adobe illustrator
  • Third party or incompatible plugins or files
  • Not enough storage memory or RAM
  • Heavy Document
  • Damage fonts
  • Wrong shortcuts

None of these reasons are the same as the other one and the solution for each one is different. Now, let’s start to investigate each one with more details.

Why does my adobe illustrator keep crashing windows 10

·  Outdated version of Adobe illustrator, system or iPad 

One of the biggest reasons for your illustrator crashing is that it is outdated. The solution is that you should update your illustrator to the latest version, and the solution is that you should update your illustrator to the last version and restart it. You can check in Adobe CC whether or not it is updated and then if not, update it in these steps:

  1. Open Adobe Creative Cloud application
  2. Clicking on the three dots on the right corner
  3. Choose Check for App Update
  4. Click on Update beside the App

Maybe, you have questions such as “why does my adobe illustrator keep crashing windows 10” or “Why does illustrator keep crashing on my iPad”! It is need to say that you can solve it again with the solution of updating your iPad or your illustrator.

·  Third party Plugins or incompatible files

Third party plugins can cause illustrator crash, that usually happened with CV version. You can solve it in the following steps:

  1. Go to the Programs and Features
  2. Determine the illustrator Plugins from the list
  3. Select Illustrator and click on Uninstall

You can also remove third plugins in System Restore with the Windows operating system.

Moreover, even though most image files and vector formats are according with illustrator, there are some files that keep it freezing. You can solve it by checking the files to see whether it is compatible with your illustrator version or not. Also, you can remove or update the plugins and relaunch illustrator if the reason was external plugins.

Adobe Illustrator crashing Windows 11

·    Not enough storage memory or RAM

Lack of Ram and not enough space on your storage memory are other reason that cause not only your illustrator slow down but also crash. The least space that you need for illustrator is 8GB but 16GM is the best if you are a professional designer and you have other design software. You can fix this cause in the following steps by resetting the Adobe Illustrator Preferences:

  1. In illustrator program, go to Preferences and click on General
  2. Select Reset Preferences in order to restart your illustrator


· Heavy Document

If your document in illustrator has a lot of images or complex designs, it expands the file and makes heavy document. It makes crashes and slows down your illustrator.

You can solve it by reducing the size of the file. Flattering layers can also be beneficial. If your design project needs a large size for print, you can decrease the size of your document proportionally but print it in the original size. You can save each part in Save As, not in Save.  And if you have lots of images that cause your illustrator crash, you can use linked image instead of fixed and embedded image.


·  Damage fonts

If you are working with text tool in illustrator like scrolling to the previous font, it can cause crash.

You can solve it by removing the third-party plugin, clearing the system font cache, and isolating the damaged font. But you need all elements to function very well, so starting in a safe mode is guaranteed.

After fixing all issues, Adobe Illustrator will start again in Normal Mode and work correctly and satisfactorily.


In this content, we specifically talked about’ why does my Adobe illustrator keep crashing’ on Face Converter. If you have also experienced this problem and have a solution for it, we will be happy to share it with us in the comments. In the following, as the summary, if we want to solve the illustrator crash, we need to know the reason of it at first. We also like to say that you can visit our site for other articles and converter tool such as AI to PDF that is very necessary for converting your illustrator designs. Finally, If reading this educational post was useful for you, we will be happy if you introduce Face converter to others in your social networks.


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