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why pdf drive is not working

Have you ever been in a situation where you downloaded or received a PDF file with blank pages in between? You even checked with the sender and they said the same file opens fine on their system. So, what’s wrong? And most importantly, what can be done to solve this problem? PDFs are the most popular format for reading documents and, many problems such as confusion of content appearance (font, text order, etc.) have been solved. Thanks to the presence of PDFS, we decided to talk about the reasons of why PDF drive is not working? in this study on Face Converter.


Why I am not able to download from PDF drive and it is blocked?

PDF drive is a popular platform that allows its users to download free eBooks, academic paper another kind of documents. But it also has some exotic problems like any other online platform. The most common problem is that sometimes you are not able to download from PDF drive and PDF drive is blocked. It has some reasons and after that you understand them, you can solve it with some solutions. Some of the usual reasons are:

  • server problem
  • instable internet connection
  • the problem of the Browser
  • damaged PDF file
  • the large size of PDF
  • Devise issue

Now, you knew some of the reasons of why is PDF drive not working? Therefore, we are going to disuse about some solution to fix the problem.

Pdfdrive not working

  1. Check server situation

The first thing that you must check for the problem of not working PDF drive is checking the server status. If the server is down or it is overloaded, not only you have difficulty in downloading or accessing any file, but also you PDF drive is not working. This fact is also true for the status of PDF drive. So, you should try other libraries that perform similar services like Google Books or Open Library. Also, it is reported that PDFdrive.com is not working, and you can use PDF drive alternatives. In other words, you can use safe PDFDrive.to instead of it. One of the internet tool that you can check server with it is eBuzzPro.

  1. Check internet connection

If you want to download from PDF drive, you should check internet connection first to see whether it is connected and stable. And the internet connection must have minimal delay; otherwise, PDF drive not downloading.

  1. Use another Browser or even VPN

Most users depend more on one browser to access the drive. You can access to PDF drive with other browsers such as Firefox and Brave, too. In addition, you must change your VPN or change the region that you use in VPN for downloading PDF drive.

  1. Use other sources for downloading PDF drive

Sometimes, the file that you want to download may be unavailable in PDF drive or maybe it is damaged. And the most benefit of PDF drive is that you don’t need to pay any cost for the book that you want to download. Therefore, you have to download it from other sources like Google books, BookBoon, ManyBooks, and Smashword.

Resolving PDF Drive Not Functioning Issues

  1. Make smaller the large files

If PDF file is large, and it consist of many pages, you have problem in downloading it. So, you have to split large files into smaller one or decrease the resolution. One way is that instead of printing the PDF file, select save as PDF. Or you can use free online apps for compressing the PDF file that you want to download or you can convert PDF file to the smaller format such PDF to JPEG.


  1. Restart your Device

Sometimes, the software or the hardware that you are using can make problem in accessing some website. So, try the website from another device. If the problem solves with another device, it means that your software or hardware device need to be updated. Or even with a simple restating your device, small bugs can remove and the problem of PDF drive may be solved.

Pdfdrive not working


  1. Clear cache of your browser

By clearing cache of your browser, the problem of not working PDF drive can be solved in some occasions. For doing this, open your browser and click on the three dots on the right corner. Then select

  • more tools
  • Clear Browsing Data
  • Choose Time Duration
  • Check the Boxes
  • Clear Data.


My friends, we hope that you could find the answer of your question of Why is PDF drive not working? after reading this study and your problem solved. But if you couldn’t solve with the above solution, you can consult with the PDF drove team. We like to know whether you had such a problem and how did you solve that, and share with us in the comment of this article on Face Converter.




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