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Why my eraser tool is not eraser in illustrator?

Have you ever wanted to erase or remove part of your art work in illustrator and you notice your eraser doesn’t erase? Do you know the reason and how to solve the problem? Using the eraser tool, you can change the errors created in the objects or edit the shape and it is a very important tool. There are several ways to erase in illustrator and the eraser of it work differently from photoshop. Don’t worry. In this article on Face Converter, we will talk about how to solve this problem with some examples.


Why my eraser tool is not eraser in illustrator?

The reasons of why my eraser is not eraser in illustrator can be the following. One of the reasons is that you cannot erase something on a raster image. The next one can because of that you add text without outline it. So that, your eraser tool doesn’t work. Moreover, for erasing your images, you didn’t embed them and in this occasion your eraser is not erase. Also, it maybe because your object is lucked and you cannot edit lucked objects. And finally, it is not possible for to edit and erase symbols, even the symbols from illustrator. Now we are going to discuss about the reasons and the solutions that can help you to use your eraser tool in illustrator. Do you have also problem in opening pdf in your google document? You can read the article of Why my PDF is not opening in Google documents?  in face convertor and find your answer.

Illustrator eraser tool not erasing

  1. Erase something in Raster image

In photoshop, you can erase anything on the image or the image on the background, but eraser tool is different in illustrator and you cannot erase a raster image. The best and easiest way to solve this problem is that going to photoshop and erase that part of the image that you want. Illustrator doesn’t have such a tool for removing the pixels that you need to remove. Use the pen tool in photoshop and select the area that you want to keep it. Then, create a clipping mask for deleting the part of the image that don’t want to be there. This solution is just good for deleting the image background. And if you want to have multiple objects, it is somehow difficult.


  1. Add text without outline it

This is probably happening when you didn’t create an outline. And it isn’t possible for you to erase it, because it is not possible to erase live text in illustrator. To solve this problem, you have to create a text outline, and then select the eraser tool to erase unwanted text. You can also make special effect on your text.

Why my eraser tool is not eraser in illustrator mac

  1. you didn’t embed the image

You should make sure that you embed the vector images when you use them in illustrator if you download and use them from internet. Any images that aren’t initially make in adobe illustrator is supposed embed files. If your images have two crosses on the bounding box, you cannot edit and erase them in illustrator. So, you have to embed the images that you want to use in illustrator as the following way:

  • Go to property panels
  • Select quick action
  • Then select embed

After these steps, you can select eraser tool again and the parts that you want.

Or even, sometimes,  you need to convert the images to other form like JPG to AI or jpg to heic.

  1. The object that you use is lucked

In illustrator, you cannot erase or edit objects that is lucked. The solution of this part is that:

  • Go to overhead menu
  • Select object
  • Unlock all objects

Now, it is possible for you to erase the vector object.

  1. You want to edit a symbol

You cannot erase not only a symbol but also the symbol created by illustrator. You can solve it by a very easy action and You can make the symbol a vector. If you were sure that it is a symbol

  • Go to window menu
  • Select symbols
  • Choose break link to symbol

Now, it is possible for you to erase or even edit it.


Illustrator is a powerful vector graphic design application that the users have sometimes problem with some parts of it such as its eraser. There are different reasons and solution for this problem. As far as one of the features that make illustrator so flexible is its eraser tool, I hope that the solutions we suggested you solve your erasing problem in illustrator and answer your question of “why my eraser is not eraser in illustrator?”. If you have any new findings and solutions, we are very happy to read them here in the comment of Face convertor.

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