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Why is Telegram not loading QR code?

Telegram can be considered one of the most popular messengers. One of the features that has been recently added to this program is the ability to log in to Telegram with a QR code on a computer and web version. It allows you to enter Telegram very easily without the need to send an SMS and receive a confirmation code. But why is Telegram not loading QR code? Don’t afraid! You are not alone. We want to open this issue on Face Converter and guide you through. Now, let’s dive in and get QR code to cooperate!

Why won’t my Telegram scan a QR code?

Telegram lets you manage all aspects of the app on a larger screen by the use of Telegram web without needing to install any other app. You can do it by scanning the QR code with your phone and accessing to your Telegram account in a web browser or a computer. But if you cannot scan your Telegram QR code or it is not loading, don’t worry! Here we tried to let you know the best solutions when your phone doesn’t scan or your Telegram is not loading QR code to see if it works.

Why is telegram not loading qr code ios

How to Fix when Telegram is not loading QR code?

In order to fix your Telegram when it is not loading QR code, there are some reasons and solutions. In the following, there are some methods that help you to remove the issue.

1.    Check your internet connection

To sign in to telegram web, you need a fast and strong internet connection on your mobile and computer. After making sure of having a fast Wi-Fi connection on your Windows or a Mac, open Telegram app to scan QR code. You can use tools such as fast.com to check the speed of your computer network.

2.    Clear camera cache and try again

Cache is like short term memory. It stores data for a time in order to make process faster. But sometimes, too much data causes wrong process. To clear these too much data in cache:

  • Go to Settings on your device.
  • select Apps & Notifications.
  • Locate the Camera app.
  • click on Storage & Cache.
  • Tap on Clear Cache.

Why is my iPhone not loading QR telegram codes?

3.    Become invalid QR code

QR code can become invalid because of some reasons. Maybe, it was not a long time QR code and it was sensitive to time. Or perhaps the server link has moved. In the situation that you face with invalid QR code, you can try regenerating the code from the source and create a new one.

4.    Use Telegram web for scanning QR code

Most people use Telegram web alternatively their mobile app is not responding. But you can use it as QR code scanner in this way:

  • Open Telegram Web on a different device.
  • Go to Settings, and find the Devices or Active Sessions
  • As you see a camera icon or a Scan QR Code option—click on that.
  • Locate it at the QR code you want to scan on your original device.

5.    Manually adjust camera focus

Sometimes the auto focus in camera distracted or the speed of it decrease. In this situation you have to say it” hey, Harry up and focus”! In order to adjust it manually, you can do it in the following steps:

  • Open your Camera App.
  • Tap the screen where the QR code point the camera to refocus.
  • Hold the phone steady and without any movement

Why isn t scan QR code working for telegram?

6.    Clean your phone camera lens

Some users of Android or iOS may ask these questions

Why is telegram not loading QR code on android?

Why is telegram not loading QR code on iOS?

One of the answers to these questions is to check your camera lens to see whether it is clean or not. A dirty camera lens is not able to read the QR code from Telegram web and it cannot be loaded, too. So, after cleaning your lens, point the camera toward the QR code to see if it works.

7.    Turn off Dark mode on your computer or Mac

In dark mode, your camera phone cannot scan telegram web QR code. Disable your Windows or Mac from dark mode with the following steps orderly:

For Windows:

  • Click the Windows, type Settings in the Search Bar, and Enter
  • Select Personalization in the left menu.
  • Choose Colors from the list of options.
  • Click the dropdown menu.
  • Choose Light and then close the window.
  • Open your web browser, go to Telegram Web, and scan the QR code using your phone.

For Mac:

  • Hold Command + Spacebar to open Spotlight Search, type System Preferences, and click on Return.

Why is telegram not loading qr code mac


  • Select General.

why is telegram not loading qr code macbook

  • Click on Light Appearance and then close the tab.

telegram qr code not working

  • Open your browser, visit Telegram Web and scan the QR code.


In this study, we tried to cover some serious ground. You were armed with seven methods and answers for solving your question of Why is Telegram not loading QR code. And you understand that not loading QR code in telegram has different reasons that you have to find them first and then find the solutions. In the following, we explained the solution of each. If reading this educational material was helpful for you, introduce Face converter on your social networks and visit our site. We not only let you know different technological subjects in our site, but also we have converter tool for converting your file to different format such as PDF to JPEG. At the end, please share with us your experience of this study in comments.

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