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How to switch between tabs in Illustrator by keyboard shortcuts?

In this comprehensive guide, Face Converter is going to guide you to find the answer to this question: How to switch between tabs in Illustrator by keyboard shortcuts? So, let’s go to the world of Adobe Illustrator and explore it to find necessary shortcuts and some other ways you can easily switch between tabs. We have to accept that learning and mastering shortcuts will definitely increase your workflow, and more importantly than that, it will help you to save time. Before anything else, you have to make clear that you are either using Windows or Mac. So, without any hesitations, let’s give tips about this subject:


  1. Keyboard Shortcuts:

In order to switch between tabs, you can use the following shortcuts:

  • On Windows: Using “Ctrl + Tab” would be the easiest way to switch tabs in Illustrator. But don’t forget that using this shortcut helps you to cycle through the tabs from left to right. To cycle from right to left, you have to use “Ctrl + Shift + Tab:”.

How to switch between tabs in illustrator by keyboard shortcuts windows



How to switch between tabs in illustrator by keyboard shortcuts free

  • On Mac: If you are using Illustrator on Mac and you are wondering how to switch between tabs in Illustrator Mac, your answer is right here. Using “Command + ~” helps you to navigate to the next tab from the left, and using “Command + shift + ~” helps to move in reverse direction. (AI to EPS)


How do you quickly switch tabs in Illustrator?


These shortcuts are very helpful when you are working on multiple projects simultaneously. Now that we’ve learned some tips about how to change tabs in Illustrator let’s explore some additional information so as to increase your experience with Illustrator:

  1. Customizing keyboard shortcuts:

If you are curious, you should know that you are able to customize keyboard shortcuts in Illustrator. This feature allows you to assign your preferred shortcuts for different functions, including tab switching. To access this feature, you can go to the Edit header in the top bar and click on “keyboard shortcuts”. There, you can see existing shortcuts or create new ones based on your desire to save time and have a better workflow. You can do the whole process of customizing by pressing Alt+ Shift + Ctrl + K.


  1. Using the Application Frame:

You may be working with Mac OS. In this situation, you are lucky enough to have an extra option, which is Application Frame. This option provides a container for all open tabs in Mac, which gives you a more organized workspace. Another good feature of Application Frame is that it helps you isolate your Illustrator workspace from other applications, which really improves your efficiency. To enable this feature, you should navigate to “Window” in the top bar and then click on “Application Frame”. After activating it, you are able to switch between tabs within the Application Frame.


We did our best to guide you through this issue. So, whenever you engage in working multiple tabs in Illustrator, and you desire to save time and increase your efficiency, don’t forget what Face Converter told you about how to switch between tabs in Illustrator by keyboard shortcuts. The best way was to click Ctrl + Tab (or Ctrl + Shift + Tab for the reverse direction) on Windows and Command + ~ (or Command + Shift + ~ for the reverse direction) on Mac. Except this, we introduced 2 other ways, including customizing keyboard shortcuts and Application Frame.

As you know, we have a high esteem for your feedback. So, if this content was helpful for you or even if you need any information and questions about Illustrator, leave us a comment. Don’t forget to share this article with your friends.



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