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How to Send PDFs in Messenger Using an Android Phone

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In today’s digital age, sharing files has become integral to our daily communication. Whether it’s for work, education, or personal purposes, being able to send files seamlessly is essential. Android phones have revolutionized communication, and Messenger is a popular messaging app widely used for sharing files. This article will guide you through sending a PDF file using Messenger on your Android phone.

Send PDFs in Messenger Using an Android Phone

Step 1: Install Messenger App

Download and install the Messenger app from the Google Play Store if you haven’t already. It is a free messaging app developed by Facebook, allowing you to send messages, make voice and video calls, and share files with your contacts.

Step 2: Convert PDF to Image Format

To send a PDF file through Messenger, we need to convert it to an image format. Here, we will use the face converter website for the conversion process. Open your web browser and visit (https://www.faceconverter.com). face converter provides a wide range of file conversion options, including converting CR3 to JPG, EPS to AI, AI to PDF, and HEIF to JPEG. Upload your PDF file to the website and select the desired image format for conversion.


Step 3: Download the Converted Image

After the conversion process, download the converted image file to your Android phone. You can do this by clicking the download button on the face converter website. Remember the location where the file is saved on your device.

Send PDFs in Messenger Using an Android Phone

Step 4: Open Messenger and Start a Conversation

Launch the Messenger app on your Android phone and start a conversation with the person you want to send the PDF file to. You can select an existing exchange or create a new one by choosing the “New Message” option.


Step 5: Attach the Converted Image

Look for the attachment icon within the conversation window, usually represented by a paperclip or a “+” sign. Tap on it to open the file attachment options. Select the option to attach a file from your device.


Step 6: Choose the Converted Image

Navigate to where you saved the converted image file in Step 3. Select the image file and tap the “Send” or “OK” button to attach it to the Messenger conversation.


Step 7: Send the Image and Inform the Recipient

Once the image is attached, you can add a message to accompany the file if desired. It is always helpful to inform the recipient about the file format and suggest they save it as a PDF. Tap the “Send” button to transmit the image file through Messenger.

How to send PDF in Messenger using mobile phone

Sending PDF files through Messenger using an Android phone is a convenient way to share important documents with others. Following the steps outlined above, you can easily convert your PDF files to image format using the face converter website and send them seamlessly using the Messenger app. Enhance your communication and make file sharing hassle-free with these simple instructions.


Step 8: Inform the Recipient to Download the PDF

After sending the converted image file through Messenger, informing the recipient about the next steps to access the PDF content is important. Since the image represents the PDF, the recipient must download and save it as a PDF file on their device. Here’s how you can guide them through the process:


  • Advise the recipient to open the Messenger conversation where you sent the image file.
  • Instruct them to locate the image within the conversation and tap on it to view it in full screen.
  • Direct them to look for the download icon or options associated with the image viewer in Messenger. A downward-facing arrow or a download symbol usually represents the hero.
  • Encourage them to tap the download icon to save the image file to their Android device.
  • Once the image file is downloaded, inform the recipient that they need to rename the file extension from the current format (e.g., .jpg, .png) to “.pdf”. They can do this using a file manager app or by renaming the file directly in their device’s gallery.
  • Emphasize that saving the file with the correct “.pdf” extension is crucial to ensure it is recognized as a PDF document.

By providing these instructions, you can help the recipient successfully access the PDF content from the converted image file sent through Messenger.

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