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Why PDF is not uploading in LinkedIn?

Have you ever tried to share a PDF file in LinkedIn? Have you ever encountered any problems in uploading it? The PDF file format has a special popularity between people for sharing their documents in specific application such as LinkedIn. In addition, LinkedIn is a valuable platform for connection of companies and specialist of all the world. But sometimes, LinkedIn cannot upload PDF files directly within the application, and this can irritate the users who desire to share their document via this application without needing to use the other one. Moreover, what happen if one of the key elements of sharing documents don’t work properly? In this article on face converter, we are going to talk about some reasons of why PDF is not uploading in LinkedIn. So, keep reading and follow us for more information.

Possible reasons of why PDF is not uploading in LinkedIn


·       Make sure your document is formatted as PDF or not corrupted

Make sure that you are not trying to upload a file that is not a useful type. Sometimes, PDF converter software is outdated and the document is not formatted as PDF. Therefore, you must update it to be able to convert the document in PDF smoothly and surely. Moreover, at some time, it seems that the PDF files may be damaged, or potential virus or malicious attack corrupted the PDF file. If so, you should try again uploading a different PDF file. If you need to convert PDF to AI,  jpg to ai ,  jpg to cr3 and heic to jpg check our converter.

Why my PDF file is not uploading linkedin?

  • Make sure that the document’s file size is 100 MB or less

LinkedIn limits the PDF document file uploading and it should be 100 MB or less. So, make sure that your document doesn’t go over 100 MB. For example, you have to omit some part of your document that are not so necessary, like some pictures or photos to get the suitable size. Otherwise, you can upload the PDF file to the cloud and then share the link on LinkedIn for others to access and download it very easily. This is suitable way for PDF files that their sizes may exceed LinkedIn’s file size limit. You may also consider the size of your files in uploading document to LinkedIn profile or whenever you are not able to attach file in LinkedIn message.

  • Make sure that the document is 300 pages or less

Ensure that the PDF file document that you want to upload on LinkedIn has 300 pages or fewer. And if it has more pages, you should delete some parts of additional content that are not so informative. Or again, you can do the same as the previous part that we did for the exceeded file size.

Have you ever faced a problem of not opening your PDF files in Gmail? To know the answer of this problem, you can read why pdf is not opening in Gmail.

  • Make sure that your document has a title

Whenever you want to upload your PDF document on LinkedIn, you should include a title for insuring that your reader or audiences can understand the content that you are sharing. Moreover, your title should be clear, brief and exactly describe the content. Because, during uploading your PDF document, you will be asked for a title.

  • The current PDF version is out of date

Sometimes, PDF or Adobe Acrobat version that you are using for your document is out of date and it is not compatible with LinkedIn requirements. So, you have to save your PDF files in a newer version of Adobe Acrobat and then upload it in LinkedIn.

How to upload documents on LinkedIn profile

  • Check out the Security Setting

For uploading your file in LinkedIn, you should check the PDF file to see whether it has any security setting or not. If it has security setting, it prevents the file from uploading. Therefore, you have to try to remove it and then upload your PDF file.

  • Clear the browser cache

The cache stored by your browser can interfere with LinkedIn’s messaging scripts, which in turn may block your PDF file uploading. Therefore, clearing the browser cache can help to solve this problem. Depending on your browser, the method of clearing the cache may be different. However, the basic step is to go to settings → History → Clear Browsing History → Clear Data. After clearing the cache, sign out of your LinkedIn account, close the LinkedIn app or tab, and then sign back in.

  • Disable your VPN

A VPN can sometimes break the security on LinkedIn and lead to the problem of not uploading your PDF file or sending messages. Temporarily disabling the VPN maybe helpful. Open your VPN client and disable it. After disabling the VPN, log into your LinkedIn account and try to upload your PDF file.

  • Use a different browser

Maybe it’s a browser problem, not a LinkedIn problem. So, avoid using your default browser and try using another one. Then upload your PDF file in LinkedIn via a new browser. Just make sure you’re using a supported browser.

If you’ve tried all of the steps above and still can’t send messages on LinkedIn, it’s time to contact the LinkedIn support team for help. They may ask you to repeat the same steps, so share with them the steps you took to troubleshoot.

why can’t i upload a pdf to linkedin?

Users may encounter challenges when attempting to upload PDF files to LinkedIn, encountering errors such as ‘can’t upload PDF to LinkedIn,’ ‘PDF not uploading to LinkedIn,’ or seeking guidance on ‘how to upload PDF in LinkedIn.’ While LinkedIn provides a platform for professionals to showcase their skills, experiences, and accomplishments, its document upload feature has certain limitations.

'PDF not uploading to LinkedIn

LinkedIn primarily supports document uploads in formats such as Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and image files. Unfortunately, direct PDF uploads may not be supported due to platform restrictions or file format compatibility issues. This limitation can be frustrating for users who wish to share PDF documents, such as resumes, portfolios, or presentations, directly on their LinkedIn profiles.


To address this challenge, users have several options. One approach is to convert the PDF document into a compatible format, such as Microsoft Word or PowerPoint, before uploading it to LinkedIn. Various online tools and software applications are available for converting PDF files to other formats, allowing users to maintain the content and formatting of their documents while ensuring compatibility with LinkedIn’s upload requirements.


Another option is to convert the PDF into an image file, such as JPG or PNG, and upload it as an image post on LinkedIn. While this method may not preserve the text and formatting of the original document as effectively as converting to a text-based format, it allows users to share visual representations of their PDF content with their LinkedIn network.


It’s important for users to optimize their content for LinkedIn’s platform requirements to ensure a seamless upload experience. This includes ensuring that the document or image file meets LinkedIn’s file size limitations and adheres to any formatting guidelines to enhance readability and presentation.

'how to upload PDF in LinkedIn

In conclusion, while uploading PDF files directly to LinkedIn may not be possible, users can overcome this challenge by converting their documents to compatible formats or sharing them as image posts. By leveraging alternative upload methods and optimizing their content, users can effectively share their professional documents and enhance their LinkedIn profiles.


In conclusion, there are different solutions for enhancing the chance of uploading and managing your files in LinkedIn. By performing and utilizing alternative ways and solutions for uploading PDF files on LinkedIn, you can optimize and ensure your specialized experience in using the files and your LinkedIn platform operate efficiently and without difficulty, and enable it to increase its productivity.

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