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Why PDF is not opening on my iPhone?

Do you have the question of “why PDF is not opening on my iPhone” and are you are seeking for the answer? If you have come here finding a solution to your iPhone viewing PDF file issue, then take a deep breath. In this article on Face converter , we will talk deeper about the whole process of why and how to open PDF on iPhone and explore various solutions for accessing you pdf files in different tasks such as reading a novel, business related files or academic tasks. Enjoy a reading experience!

Why PDF is not opening in my iPhone?

There are many reasons of why PDF is not opening on my iPhone. One of the reasons is that the PDF file is corrupted or it is downloaded incorrectly. Another reason may be related to some applications that may prevent your PDF file to open. Moreover, some bugs can pause your PDF file to open on iPhone issue. Also, the pdf file maybe locked and need special code for opening. Let’s start how to fix these problems:

  • Check if your PDF is corrupted and damage

First of all, check whether PDF document has any problem or not. If PDF file is a damaged one, you cannot open it. So, you have to download it again or ask the sender to send it again. You can also copy the PDF file to the eBook app to see if it is possible for to open it or not. Or, your pdf file contains some content that should be converted to other form like pdf to cmyk or PDF to AI.

Why PDF is not opening in my phone

  • Restart iPhone

Sometimes, restarting your iPhone can help to solve the problem of opening pdf. It free up your phone memory and remove all the bugs. Therefore, it is worthy to try it sometimes.

  • Download a PDF reader

If you want to view a PDF file immediately without delaying time, download a PDF reader on your iPhone and view your PDF files via it without effort. This application also allows you to type, to note and to highlight the texts.

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  • Uninstall Apps that are problematic

Some Apps such as Alibaba, AliExpress, WinZip will prevent your iPhone from reading PDF files. You should uninstall these apps and then check whether you can open PDF files or not. If your problem of opening PDF didn’t solve, you should check your phone and uninstall any new Apps that you have downloaded them recently. Maybe, one of the newly App don’t allow your PDF to be open.

  • Open your email in browser

Sometimes, your email app has problem and you can check it by opening your email in another browser. If it was possible for to open your email and could view your pdf file in browser, so the problem of can’t opening pdf is related to your email Apps. So, you should try to reinstall or update it.

Why Won't My iPhone Open PDF Files?

  • Sign out and sign in your account

In some cases, you can open your PDF files by signing out and signing in your account as the following steps:

  1. Open your setting app
  2. Choose mail→ tap account
  3. Tap your email account→ delete account
  4. On the account screen→ tap account
  • Clear Safari history

Maybe, pdf is not opening in your Safari browser on iPhone. Therefore, you should try to clear its history in this way:

  1. Go to setting
  2. Choose safari
  3. Tap clear history and website data
  4. Select all history
  5. Clear history to support
  • Update your application

It is wrong that updating your applications is optional. If you try to keep your system and apps update, your iPhone can manage working smoothly. You should update your mail, your safari and your iBook if you had the problem of not opening pdf on your iPhone.

  • Update IOS

Since that your iPhone system need to be updated to remove and fix bugs, apple release new updates. So, you can check update of iOS to see whether your pdf files open or not in iPhone. You can update iOS as follow:

  1. Go to setting→ General→ Software Update
  2. Download and install it

Dealing with PDF Incompatibility Issues on iOS Devices

Dealing with PDF incompatibility issues on iOS devices can be frustrating, especially when you rely on these documents for work or personal use. If you encounter problems such as PDF not opening on iPhone or cannot open PDF on iPhone, there are several strategies you can employ to address these issues.


Firstly, ensure that both your iOS device and any PDF viewer apps you use are up to date. Developers frequently release updates to address compatibility issues and improve performance, which can help resolve why PDF is not opening on my iPhone. Check for updates in Settings > General > Software Update.

why pdf is not opening in my phone iphone

Using official apps from reputable sources, such as Adobe Acrobat Reader, can mitigate PDF not working on iPhone issues. These apps are often optimized for iOS devices and provide reliable PDF viewing experiences.


Additionally, verify that the PDF files you’re trying to open are in a compatible format. While iOS devices generally support standard PDF formats, files created using obscure or outdated software versions may encounter compatibility issues, resulting in can’t open PDF on iPhone scenarios.


If you’re experiencing difficulty with a specific PDF file, try deleting it from your device and re-downloading it from the original source. This can resolve PDF not opening on iPhone problems caused by incomplete downloads or file corruption.


Clearing the browser cache and data in Safari settings (Settings > Safari > Clear History and Website Data) can address cannot open PDF on iPhone issues when attempting to view PDFs in the browser.


Experimenting with different PDF viewer apps from the App Store can help determine if compatibility issues are specific to a particular app. Some apps may handle certain PDF features or formats better than others, potentially resolving PDF not opening on iPhone issues.


Enabling JavaScript in your PDF viewer app settings, if available, can address problems with interactive PDFs, resolving PDF not working on iPhone issues caused by JavaScript elements.


We hope that with the help of this article on Face Converter, you can solve the problem of can’t open PDF files on your iPhone. By performing these reasons and solutions, you can ensure your experience in use of pdf files efficiently and easily.

Have you ever had such a problem of can’t open pdf files on your iPhone? What did you do? Can you comment your suggestion here on face converter for solving your problem?

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