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Why my PDF is not opening in Google documents?

Have you ever had the problem of not opening your PDF files in google documents? Do you want to know how to open your PDF files in google documents? It is proved that google document is handy for online opening and editing your PDF files, especially whenever you just want to change a little your document. While this feature has been around for a while, there have always been issues with how Google Docs renders PDF files, from importing the image to the style of the text, formatting, opening pdf files without losing formatting, Why my PDF is not opening in Google documents, etc., Now, what happen if  it is impossible to open your PDF files in google documents? In this article on Face Converter, we will inform you some of the solutions to fix this issue of opening your pdf files in google documents because it help you to share your contents with your professional and personal contacts.


Possible reasons of why my PDF is not opening in google documents

It is necessary to inform you that you should refresh your google account to be able to open PDF files. Also, PDF is not open in phones that have contacts restrictions and you cannot access it. Moreover, some PDF files have a password and they are lucked. In addition, you have to update your browser extension to open PDF in google document. It appears that PDF is not open in your phone if google drive or phone storage is full. Further, PDF may have contents that are limited in size. More, Unstable internet connection and file corruption can lead PDF not to open.

Why can't you open PDF in Google Docs?

  • Sign out and sign in again into your google account

One of the reasons of why you can’t open your pdf in google document is maybe that you should sign in again in google documents. It is the same as restarting your computer or reintroduce one of your applications on your phone to a fresh start.


  • Check your file permissions

There is an option in google document that allow you to share your files with your contacts. If it isn’t possible for you to open a pdf Google Docs file that has been shared with you, you are maybe restricted in permission to access the document.

  • Restrictions

Some PDFs might be converted in to a code and locked with passwords that is necessary for some professional contexts and you cannot edit the contents using tools like Google Docs. For opening these files, you should get an unlocked copy of the document or use some PDF unlockers that are exist online and you can use them to remove these locked passwords.

  • Check your update browser extension

After using the print function, it is possible that you still have problem in opening the pdf file in google documents. Now, what should you do more? Is there any solution? Surely, yes. You should check the installed extensions on your browser. Some installed extensions on your browser might not have updated and they are not suitable for your browsers anymore. A browser extension that is buggy can lead to such problem in Google Docs and not open your pdf files.

Why my pdf is not opening in google documents on my phone

  • Check google drive or phone storage

Sometimes, for better working of google docs you should clear google drive or cache. Maybe they are full and there is no enough space for opening other files like pdf. But before clearing, it is important that you synchronized any offline files that you are working on at the present time or you want to upload them soon.


  • Use google documents application

If none of the solution that was said, you can download the google documents application for opening a pdf files on your phone whether its android or iPhone, and not use your browser to open PDF files.

  • The limitation of file size

Google docs support some formats such as JPG, PNG, BMP, and TIFF in pdf files, but it might not support high resolution format like HEIK that you can convert these kind of files to other format as  CR3 to JPG and png to apng and then use them in your PDF file for capable of google docs and your audience or even yourself to open it.

  • Unstable internet connection and file corruption

This reason usually happens when you are trying to open a large pdf google Docs might stuck when it is in loading phase. Therefore, you should refresh the page, disconnect and connect again to your Wi-Fi. If the problem didn’t solve, you can try a third-party pdf viewer.


It is possible for you to access to google docs with a Google account, which allows you to create and format documents online that you can share with other people or other people share for you. The biggest advantage of using Google docs is that it helps you to make and shape projects quite easy, and any changes that you made to the document can be seen and responded quickly. So, learning how to open pdf file in google documents and knowing the reason of Why my PDF is not opening in Google documents.

Have you ever had such a problem with your pdf files in google docs? Can you comment your experiences of the reasons and solution of the problem here in face converter?

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