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How to view cr3 files on iPhone?

Cr3 are a kind of file extension that the new Cannon processor introduced it. It provides the quality of the original RAW in a smaller file size. Due to the new format of cr3, many software and phones cannot open and process the files. Therefore, you need some extra work and program to convert them in order to view them. For iPhone, Apple introduced some system level that support cr3 images, but there are cannon camera models that make cr3 images and iOS cannot support them. So, here in this article on Face Converter, we decided to introduce you some way to know how to view cr3 files on iPhone.


How to view cr3 files on iPhone?

As a fact that the cr3 files are relatively new format of the files, you might need an editing app on your phone to let you to view them. Or you have to convert them to another format and then open and view them. Apple preview or cannon digital photo professional are the best convertor apps that can convert cr3. The next app that can help you viewing cr3 files on iPhone is Lightroom. Moreover, you need to check the compatibility of cr3 with your iPhone and update it. Also, decreasing the size of cr3 files can be helpful.

How to view cr3 files on iPhone?

  1. Updating iPhone

In order to view cr3 files on iPhone, first you should check compatibility of Cannon Regarding format with your phone. The latest version of iPhone model is iOS 17.3. You can check the version of your phone under Setting> General> About. If it wasn’t update you can do it as follow:

  • Update your iPhone wirelessly
  1. Back up your phone by the use of iCloud or your computer
  2. Connect to the internet
  3. Go to Setting> General> Software Update and choose the one that you want if you see more than one software
  4. Tap Install or Download update, enter your passcode and then install
  • Customize automatic update
  1. Go to Setting> General> Software update
  2. First, tap automatic update and then, tap Download iOS updates. It updates your phone automatically to the latest version of iOS.


  1. Convert cr3 files to another formats

There are several editors and image viewers that convert cr3 to other format such as, Cannon Digital Photo Professional and Apple preview. Most editing image software cannot show cr3 files, and you need some processing or converting procedures to open them. It means that this software converts cr3 to JPG and then the images can be displayed on your phone. For converting cr3 to other format, follow the bellow procedures:
Viewing canon CR3 images on the ipad and iphone

  • Starting digital photo professional
  • Select your cr3 files or images
  • Select Menu in the file and then convert and save
  • Specify the file name and then click on the Save
  • The cr3 image is converted and saved in the specific name

In Apple preview, select file and then Export to convert your cr3 file into JPG, PNG, JP2, EXR, TIFF and PDF. But here, I want to inform you that you can convert your cr3 to JPG very easily by connecting via direct link to Face Converter.

  1. Lightroom

Adobe Lightroom is an application for editing image that help users to edit and organize their photos. Luckily, the version of iOS is also available. You can import your cr3 files in Lightroom, edit them and export them in several formats such as JPG and DNG. These formats allow to open your CR3 files in an older version that are supported by older version of iPhone without losing their quality. As you know, the quality is very important for users of Canon camera. You can read Why can’t I open CR3 files in Lightroom? If you had problem in it.


  1. Decrease the size of cr3 files

You can convert the cr3 files to smaller size for opening in iPhone. Here, I can recommend you Adobe DNG converter will help you to have a smaller file size. You can do it in this way:

  • Open DNG converter
  • Select your image or file that you want to convert
  • Select the location that you want to save
  • Select a name for converted image
  • Then click convert


Professional photographers prefer to use cr3 file because it has more options and better quality for editing rather than other formats. But unfortunately, this format cannot be opened with all programs and phones. Therefore, if you want to view your files, especially on iPhone, the above information can help you if the files didn’t open on your iPhone. We tried to let you know how to view cr3 files on iPhone in this article on Face Converter. If you other way to view cr3 on iPhone, we are very glad to see them on your comment here.

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