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How to set PPI in Illustrator?

You might have faced this issue that after creating a new file and designing parts of it in illustrator, you need changes in the document. These changes can include resizing and readjusting document properties and dimensions. And the resolution is something that rarely come to our mind after we spend a bit of time on creating a document. You click Pixel Preview before print it, and then you understand that you set PPI wrongly. So, the resolution seems totally wrong! How do solve this problem? No problem because it is very easy to fix , and we help to show you how to set PPI in Illustrator in this article on Face Converter.

How to change PPI in Illustrator?

Usually, most of us only pay attention to the document size and color mode. Then, we are going to change the resolution depending on our aim to use the artwork. For example, if you want to use your artwork online, 72 PPI screen resolution is fine. But if you want to print your design, higher resolution like 300 PPI is good. And in illustrator, you just deal with PPI for adjusting your resolution. Maybe you have to work on pixel perfect icons or you have vector plans at certain scale size, so you need to know to change PPI to show the details that you want. You can set PPI in Illustrator as you work with no need to make a new document and on an available document or you can change PPI after you save or you want to export the file.


  • Setting PPI as you make a new document

  1. Go to the menu on overhead and then go on File and move on new to choose it for creation a new document. Or you can use shortcut keyboard Command + N.
  2. Click Advance Options to expand the menu and select Raster Effects.

set DPI in Illustrator


  • Setting PPI of an available document

  1. Go to menu at the overhead and move on Effect and then select Document Raster effects Setting.


How to set ppi in illustrator mac

  1. Select a PPI in Resolution part and then click OK.

How to change PPI in Illustrator iPad

If you want to have other PPI that is not exist in Resolution part, you can choose other and type it in the box. For example, you need 200 PPI, you should write 200 in the special box.

How to Change Resolution (DPI/PPI) in Adobe Illustrator

  • Setting PPI when you want to export a file

  1. Go above menu on File, then move on to select Export, and chose Export As
  2. Choose the place that you want to save your Exported image, name it, choose a format, and then click For example, here the name is PNG (png).

I need to resize ppi in Illustrator. Is this possible?

  1. Go to Resolution option and set the PPI that you want.


setting PPI in Illustrator


Depend on the format that you select for the file, the window options of resolution are different.


how to set PPI in illustrator

Maybe, you don’t know how to check the resolution of your image in Illustrator. Here is the solution to find it. Go to Window in overhead menu and select Document Info. In the window that is opened, you can see the information of the image and its resolution. If you click on three lines at the right corner, you can see the resolution of everything.  For instance, you want to check the resolution of Objects, you can select it there on the folded menu to reveal the resolution for you.


Illustrator ppi

After setting PPI in Illustrator (AI) according to your document, you have to convert your File (AI File) to a format that is readable in every system. And the best format is PDF that exist in most PC. Moreover, when you are going to print your work, it is better to choose the CMYK color system from the beginning and before starting the design. Because professional print offices only use this color system for printing. On the other hand, if, for example, you design your work with the RGB color system and later convert it to CMYK, some colors will change a little. I can suggest you that you can convert AI to PDF and RGB to CMYK very easily and directly on Face Convertor.



You learned some different solution for your question of how to set PPI in illustrator in this article on Face Convertor. Moreover, you got the importance of changing PPI; especially, whenever you change the resolution of your images. Therefore, I hope that these solutions will help anybody else who has this problem. I like to tell you here that you can share with us your any other solutions of this problem in comments and us aware of them.


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