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How to create a free vector file?

Graphic design is an art that has quickly become a very important skill in the 21st century for designing advertising posters, business cards, logos and more. And because vector graphics has the important feature of infinitely scalable and has a high resolution, it can be more helpful in businesses. Also, vector file formats are eps, cgm, xml, odg and svg. Looking at the relevance of vector graphics, there are various programs that can be useful for your graphic designs. And here in this article on Face Convertor, you will learn how to create a free vector file by some top amazing apps and programs.


How to create a free vector file?

You can make a vector file of PNG or JPG with programs such as illustrator, InDesign and photoshop. You can make them free, or you can do it online.

  • Making vector files with illustrator

The most used program for making vector file is illustrator. You can not only create new files, but also you can edit your vector file with illustrator. You can create your vector in this way:

  1. Open your logo or image in illustrator in the form of PNG or JPG.
  2. Draw over the image by your hand and fill it with a color.
  3. Save the file in the most commonly used vector format such as AI, EPS or PDF. But remember that you can open these formats just with illustrator. And, for opening these files without illustrator, you can convert them to other forms on Face Convertor like AI to PDF and EPS to AI.

How do I create a vector for free?

Making vector files with illustrator have some positive and negative point that you should take in to account. As the positive points:

  1. The result of vectors is very good
  2. You can edit your vectors if you need

But the negative points:

  1. You need a lot of time to make vector
  2. You have to learn how to work with illustrator
  3. Working with Adobe illustrator is expensive and it costs money


  • Making vector files with Photoshop

You can make free vectors with photoshop, but we don’t recommend it. Because photoshop was designed to edit images and photos, and little by little additional vector functions added to it. Therefore, we believe that just use illustrator for creating good vectors. And if you have to make vectors via photoshop, do the following steps:

       1.Prepare your image: Put your fingers on Ctrl+Alt+I together and set resolution of your image to 300 in the image size window. Then separate the image from the background and make a selection, and copy it in a new layer or clear the background.

  1. Make a work path: After separating your image from the background, click on the layer icon as you put your finger on the Ctrl key and select the image. Now, choose Marquee tool and move the cursor over to the selection, and right-click.
  2. Create a vector mask: Press A and right click on your image
  3. Export as a vector file: save your vectorized image as a vector file by going to File and select photoshop ESP file format in Save as


Now, you can open it in illustrator and easily scale it without losing its quality.


Creating free vector with photoshop has some disadvantages:

  1. You have to learn to use photoshop
  2. Photoshop is not very good for vectorization
  3. You have to pay monthly to buy adobe photoshop subscription


  • Making vector files with InDesign

InDesign is also a vector based. You can create free vectors like illustrator by tracing or draw overring the images with your hand and fill it with a color. Then save your file in the most common vector format.


Vector creating is a powerful tool that help the users to create scalable artwork. The important characteristic of vectors is that they are independent from resolution. It means that they can be scaled up or down without changing their quality and make them very desired for the use of digital and print. Here, in this article on Face Convertor, we introduced you how to create free vectors by Adobe programs and I hope that it was helpful. Do you any other software or program that can be used for creating free vectors? If you know, please introduce them here in comments and share them with others.

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