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How to Get a PDF Statement from the NatWest App?

If you are a NatWest customer and need to obtain a PDF statement from the NatWest app, there is an easy and convenient way. Using the Face Converter tool, you can convert your statements into PDF format with just a few simple steps.

FaceConverter is a brand specializing in document conversion, offering various services to transform multiple file formats. In this case, we will focus on converting your NatWest statements into PDFs using the FaceConverter tool.

To begin, follow these steps:


1. Access the NatWest App: Open the NatWest mobile banking app on your smartphone or tablet. Ensure that you are logged in to your account securely.


2.Navigate to Statements: Within the app, locate and select the “Statements” section. This is usually found in the main menu or the “Account” tab.


3. Choose the Desired Statement: From the list of available statements, select the one you wish to convert to PDF. NatWest typically provides ideas for a specific period, such as monthly or quarterly.


4. Download the Statement: Once you have selected the desired statement, choose the option to download it. This will initiate the download process and save the information to your device.

How to Get a PDF Statement from the NatWest App

5. Open the Face Converter website: from faceconverter.com


6. Import the Statement: Open the Face Converter site and import the downloaded statement file. Face Converter supports a variety of file formats including CR3, EPS, AI and HEIF, which are commonly used by NatWest for statements.


7. Convert to PDF: Once the statement is imported into Face Converter, select the conversion option to transform the file into PDF format. The site will process the conversion and generate a PDF version of your statement.


8. Save the PDF: Save the PDF statement to your device after the conversion. You can choose a location that is easily accessible for future reference or sharing with others.


Following these steps, you can obtain a PDF version of your NatWest statement using the FaceConverter app. This process allows for convenient access and easy sharing of your financial information.

Get a PDF Statement from the NatWest App

It is important to note that third-party tools like FaceConverter may require you to review and accept their terms of service and privacy policy. Ensure that you are comfortable with the app’s security measures and that it aligns with your privacy preferences before using it.


In conclusion, obtaining a PDF statement from the NatWest app is a straightforward process with the help of the FaceConverter tool. You can conveniently access, store, and share your financial information by converting your statements into PDF format. Take advantage of this simple solution to manage your banking statements efficiently.


Additional Information on Obtaining a PDF Statement from the NatWest App


In addition to the previous steps outlined, there are a few more details to consider when obtaining a PDF statement from the NatWest app. By following these guidelines, you can ensure a smooth and successful conversion process.


 Converting CR3 to JPG


Suppose your NatWest statement is in CR3 format, a file format commonly used by some digital cameras. In that case, you may need to convert it to a more universally recognized format like JPG before proceeding with the FaceConverter tool. There are various online converters available that can help you convert CR3 files to JPG format easily.

Converting EPS to AI and AI to PDF

Sometimes, you may encounter NatWest statements in EPS (Encapsulated PostScript) or AI (Adobe Illustrator) formats. These formats are mainly used for vector graphics. If you need to convert an EPS statement to AI or an AI file to PDF, you can utilize graphic design software such as Adobe Illustrator or other online conversion tools. Import the EPS or AI file into the software or online tool and select the desired conversion format.


 Converting HEIF to JPEG

NatWest statements may also be saved in HEIF (High Efficiency Image Format), a file format commonly used by Apple devices. If you come across a HEIF statement and wish to convert it to a more widely supported format like JPEG, you can use online converters or dedicated HEIF-to-JPEG conversion tools. These tools will help you transform the HEIF statement into JPEG format, which can then be processed by the FaceConverter app.

By addressing these additional scenarios and file formats, you can ensure a comprehensive understanding of how to obtain a PDF statement from the NatWest app. Remember to follow the specific conversion steps relevant to the file format you are working with.

It is worth mentioning that while third-party tools like FaceConverter help convert statements, it is always recommended to exercise caution when using such tools. Ensure you use a reputable and trusted conversion service to protect your data and maintain your privacy.


In conclusion, with the help of the FaceConverter tool and additional conversion steps for specific file formats, you can successfully obtain a PDF statement from the NatWest app. You can conveniently manage and access your utility reports in the desired format by knowing the various forms and utilizing appropriate conversion methods.

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