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How to convert RGB to CMYK in InDesign?

As a matter of fact, it is impossible to print RGB images because there is no method for it. Therefore, you have to convert your RGB to a format that is printable. This printable format is CMYK. And converting your RGB to CMYK is an important step in InDesign printing and the quality of your color in the final product is very crucial and it will help you to achieve the desire color for your special and commercial job. Here, in this article at face convertor, we try to let you know how to convert RGB to CMYK color space.

How to convert RGB to CMYK in InDesign?

It is very easy to convert RGB to CMYK in Adobe InDesign. But I want to inform you that as a graphic designer, you should know the difference between RGB and CMYK before you want to convert them. And you should know when and how to convert between RGB and CMYK colors for having a high quality of print output. In summary, RGB controls lights but CMYK controls inks. Moreover, RGB is additive but CMYK is subtractive. Now, in the following, you can see how to convert your RGB to CMYK in InDesign step by step. But before that, you can convert some of your files to other forms very easily by checking the special converting tool at face converter such as:  JPG to AI ,  jpg to cr3  and cmyk to rgb.

How do I change an InDesign File from RGB to CMYK?

  1. Open the InDesign document

  2. Select edit and then choose convert to profile

Under destination space, you will see RGB profile and CMYK profile. You should leave RGB profile, but choose CMYK profile that you intended to convert into. I want to let you know that it is better to set your CMYK profile on Japan color 2001 coated because it is used by most offset printers in high quality.


  1. There is another alternative in convert to profile with the title of conversion options

This option not only protects all RGB colors that can be produced exactly again in CMYK. But also change all colors that cannot be produced exactly again CMYK with their close CMYK match.  In this part, you choose Adobe (ACE) in engine conversion; and in intent conversion, you select relative colorimetric.


  1. Tick use black point compensation and then click OK


But exactly to say, you can convert RGB to CMYK very easily just by one click and convert your file to print at face convertor. It takes a moment to convert the images and your laptop does all of the work by itself as you relax!

How to convert rgb to cmyk in indesign mac

Here are some tips that you should take into account for converting RGB to CMYK in InDesign:

  • In order to convert placed images, you should use the link panels for choosing images and set the CMYK profile that you want to convert the images by it.
  • In the separation preview, use the Ink Manager for converting any RGB elements that are remained.
  • For ensuring precise and correct CMYK conversion, you should Preview separations and check it very carefully.
  • The best work that you can do to avoid rework and make sure of high print quality is that you convert all colors early in the process of design.
  • In CMYK, you can make adjustments by the use calibration bars and press checks and you can use calibrated monitor to preview conversion.
  • Decrease saturation of RGB colors before you are going to convert it.
  • You cannot use vibrant neon RGB colors that is not possible to convert very well.
  • Black stay black in both RGB and CMYK spaces.

how to change rgb to cmyk in indesign

Converting RGB to CMYK is a crucial step in preparing digital designs for print production. In Adobe InDesign, this transformation ensures that colors appear consistent across various output mediums, especially in the CMYK color space commonly used in print.


To begin, open your InDesign document containing the elements with RGB colors that require conversion. Typically, these elements are graphics, images, or text with RGB color values. Select the desired objects or text that you want to convert to CMYK.

how to change rgb to cmyk in indesign

Navigate to the “Edit” menu at the top of the screen. From there, choose “Edit Colors” and select “Convert to CMYK.” Alternatively, utilize the convenient shortcut “Shift + Command + K” (on Mac) or “Shift + Ctrl + K” (on Windows).


A dialog box will prompt you to specify conversion settings, such as the CMYK profile. This profile determines how colors will convert rgb to cmyk indesign, considering factors like color gamut and printing conditions. Select the appropriate profile based on your printing requirements and preferences.


Once you’ve set the conversion parameters, click “OK” to apply the changes. indesign convert rgb to cmyk, ensuring that colors are optimized for print reproduction.

Repeat this process for any other elements in your document that require RGB to CMYK conversion. Remember to save your document after making these changes to preserve the updated color settings.

By converting RGB to CMYK in InDesign, you’re taking essential steps to ensure color accuracy and consistency in your print designs, aligning them with industry standards and enhancing their suitability for professional printing processes.


In order to print object from RGB, you should convert them to CMYK, and converting color between these two spaces will be an ordinary part of your InDesign work process. You have to take your time to do correctly determined work and convert profiles, images and swatches without unwanted color changes. Testing and adjusting after conversion, make you sure of CMYK colors match with your original RGB color as closely as possible.

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