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How To Clear Adobe Illustrator Recent Files?

Adobe Illustrator is a powerful graphic design tool. It has many useful tools to design logos and other graphic elements. Although, some may believe that Photoshop is a better tool for designing logos. We already discussed that in face converter in  what is better for logo design illustrator or photoshop.

By the way, Illustrator can sometimes clutter your workspace with a list of files you no longer need or want to retain. Clearing the recent files list can help you stay organized and improve your workflow. So, let’s dive into the step-by-process of how to clear Adobe Illustrator recent files.

How to clear Adobe Illustrator recent files

  • 1- Launch Adobe Illustrator

First, open Adobe Illustrator on your computer. Ensure that you have the latest version installed to follow this guide accurately.

  • 2- Access the Preferences menu

After launching the Illustrator, go to the top menu and locate the “Edit” option. Click on it to open a drop-down menu, and from there, select “Preferences.” This will open the Preferences dialog box.

  • 3- Open the Files & Clipboard preferences

Within the Preferences dialog box, you’ll see a list of different categories on the left-hand side. Look for the “Files & Clipboard” option and click on it. This category contains settings related to file management in Adobe Illustrator.
How do I clear recent history in Illustrator

  • 4- Locate the Recent Files section

Within the Files & Clipboard preferences, you’ll find the “Recent Files” section. This section displays the list of recently opened files in Adobe Illustrator.

  • 5- Change the ‘Number of Recent Files to Display

To clear the recent files list, look for the option that specifies the number of files to display. By default, this value is set to a specific number, which can vary depending on your version of Illustrator. You can change this value to zero (0) to completely remove the recent files list.

  • 6- Apply the changes and close the Preferences

After making the desired adjustment to the number of recent files to display, click “OK” or “Apply” to save the changes. This will update the settings, effectively clearing the recent files list in Adobe Illustrator.
How do I clear recent files history illustrator

Now that you’ve leaned how to clear recent history in Illustrator, you’ll notice a cleaner workspace within Adobe Illustrator. Deleting these files from the list will not delete the actual files from your computer; it simply removes them from the list of recently accessed files within the application.

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Why Should We Clear Adobe Illustrator Recent Files?

Now you know how to delete files in Adobe Illustrator. But, you may ask why should I do that? Well, Clearing Adobe Illustrator recent files is a good practice for several important reasons:

  • Privacy and Confidentiality

Deleting recent files ensures that sensitive or confidential information does not unintentionally get shared with others who may have access to your computer. This is particularly important if you work with clients or handle proprietary information.

  • Organizational Efficiency

As you continue to work on different projects, the list of recent files can quickly become cluttered. Removing unused or irrelevant recent files helps you maintain a clean and organized workflow, making it easier to find the files you need.

  • Performance Optimization

Over time, a large number of recent files can impact Adobe Illustrator’s performance by using up valuable system resources. By clearing these files, you can improve the program’s efficiency and speed up your workflow.

How To Delete Specific Recent Files In Adobe Illustrator?

To delete specific recent files in Adobe Illustrator, follow these steps:

  1. Launch Adobe Illustrator: Open Adobe Illustrator on your device.
  2. Access Recent Files: Click on the menu located in the top left corner of the application window. Scroll down and select 3- Review Recent Files- A list of recently opened files will appear. Take a moment to review and identify the specific file(s) you want to delete.
  3. Delete a Recent File: Right-click on the file you wish to remove from the list. A context menu will appear. Select the Recent option, and the selected file will be removed from the recent files list.
  4. Repeat if Necessary: If you have more files you want to delete, repeat 4 for each file individually.
  5. Exit the Menu: Once you have removed all the desired files, simply click outside the recent files menu to exit.

How to clear adobe illustrator recent files on mac

This is how you can delete specific files in Adobe Illustrator. If you have any Photoshop template which you want to convert and add to these files, you can use our EPS to AI tool.

how to clear recent files in illustrator?

Clearing recent files in Adobe Illustrator can be helpful for managing your workspace and decluttering the interface. When you have a long list of recently opened documents, it can become overwhelming to navigate, especially if you frequently work on various projects. Here’s a detailed guide on Illustrator clear recent files:


To begin, launch Adobe Illustrator on your computer and ensure that the application is fully loaded. Once Illustrator is open, navigate to the “File” menu located at the top-left corner of the Illustrator window. This menu is where you can access various file-related actions and settings.


Next, scroll down within the “File” menu until you find the “Open Recent” option. Clicking on “Open Recent” will display a list of the most recently opened files in Adobe Illustrator. This list is convenient for quickly accessing files you’ve worked on recently.

illustrator remove recent files

To clear this list and remove all recent files, look for the option labeled “illustrator recent files clear,” “Clear Recent Files,”  or “Remove Recent Files.” This option is typically located at the bottom of the list of recent documents. Click on this option to initiate the clearing process.


By selecting this option, Illustrator will remove all entries from the recent files list, effectively clearing it. This action ensures that none of the previously opened documents are displayed in the recent files section, providing a clean slate for your next Illustrator session.


Alternatively, if you prefer to remove specific files from the recent files list without clearing the entire list, you can do so by hovering over the file you want to remove and clicking on the small “x” icon that appears next to it. This action will remove that specific file from the list of recent documents in Illustrator, while the rest of the list remains intact.


Regularly illustrator remove recent files can contribute to a more organized workspace, making it easier to locate and open the files relevant to your current projects. By following these steps, you can effectively clear recent files in Illustrator and maintain a clutter-free environment conducive to creative work.


Clearing recent files in Adobe Illustrator is a simple and effective way to declutter your workspace and improve productivity. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can efficiently remove unwanted files and organize your project history.

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