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How to change RGB to CMYK in Procreate?

Why should we change RGB to CMYK for printing projects? When creating a project for printing, it is recommended to change RGB to CMYK for high accuracy. Computer monitors use an RGB color model. In contrast, printers tend to use CMYK because most paper and card stock is colored paper. In addition, procreate software is an illustration, drawing and painting application that was made exclusively for iPad for making artwork. So, you have to know how to change RGB to CMYK in procreate for printing digitally designs, and we try to let you Know how in this article on Face Converter.


How to change RGB to CMYK in procreate?

It is not difficult to change RGB to CMYK in procreate, and if you don’t switch RGB to CMYK before printing, your printer will make this switch automatically. The problem with this automatic change is that you can’t see an approximation of the final product until you receive your final print, which can cause unpleasant surprises. Color variation can be especially evident in large format materials such as posters. This can be important for businesses that use specific colors as part of their branding. So, it’s best to start any print project in CMYK. We are very eagerly going to let you know how to change RGB to CMYK especially in Procreate in the next part:

Can you convert RGB to CMYK in Procreate

  •    Step 1: First of all, open your Procreate and click on the icon with the shape of plus and rectangle. Now, you have different dimension option in setting and you can choose anyone that you want
  •    Step 2: After selecting the dimension setting, go in to color profile which is under custom Canvas
  •   Step 3: select CMYK and then choose CMYK generic Profile option.
  •   Step4: Import your image or artwork and convert RGB to CMYK Procreate in a second.

After converting your file, you can easily edit, save or print it.


Online converter:

Nearly almost, the easiest way to convert RGB to CMYK is applying an online tool. As you know, there are many converter tools that you can choose, even if you had Procreate. Moreover, you can check other forms of converting tools on Face converter. Now, you can convert your file from RGB to CMYK as follow:

  •   Step 1: First, go to the official site Face converter
  •   Step 2: Second, upload your image file
  •   Step 3: Select the file type of your image
  •   Step 4: Then click on start. Within a few second, your RGB file will be converted to CMYK

can i convert rgb to cmyk in procreate

Some tips for converting RGB to CMYK in Procreate:

  • Start with a high-resolution image: This provide the necessary detail for a clear print.
  • Get familiar yourself with CMYK color: This make sure you that procreate creation equals seamlessly with the chosen image during the print process.
  • Regularly check color mode: This prevent unexpected surprise during the printing stage and make sure a cohesive transition from the digital work to the print medium.


Possible problem that you may encounter while converting RGB to CMYK:

  • You can’t convert your RGB file to CMYK without losing color
  • In some cases, it may have less detail or look dark in bright saturated color
  • It is impossible to print some neon colors in RGB cannot print because they don’t have equal colors in CMYK


There are several factors to consider when converting RGB to CMYK:

  • You should choose a converter that supports large format printing or a tool that provides the best results for a small format printer.
  • Graphics formats In RGB to CMYK conversion, whatever tool you use to create or design images and graphics, has an original format and then an output format.
  • You should create your design using a professional program such procreate, where you can create vector images (using ai, eps, emf, pdf and other similar formats). These formats can be saved as native pdf files that can be used to print our graphics. The same applies to raster images or bitmaps that we can edit in various file formats such as jpg, jpeg, png, gif, etc.
  • You should also convert these forms to CMYK and save the file as native pdf to preserve your color profile for print media.
  • Adobe Design Tools can convert RGB to CMYK and is the most common design software.


Printing your artwork via Procreate may seem simple at first, but you may encounter certain difficulties and obstacles. It may lead to loss of quality of your work. That’s why it’s so important to do research before printing to make sure you’re using the right settings. I hope that in this article, you got your answers about how to convert RGB to CMYK in Procreate. If you know some other answer, please inform and share with us in comment.


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