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Why can’t I open CR3 files in Lightroom?

Have you ever tried to open CR3 files in Lightroom, but suddenly what you saw disappointed you and then asked yourself: “why can’t I open CR3 files in Lightroom? Don’t worry. face converter , a leading platform for file conversion and technology information, is here to guide you through this problem. This problem is a common issue that most photographers using Canon cameras face. In the following, before we provide troubleshooting tips, let’s explain what CR3 is. For those who don’t know, CR3 is a raw image file format that Canon introduced in 2018 for the first time. This format contains both data and metadata, such as time and setting information, with high special quality. The problem arises when we try to open this format in Lightroom and discover that Lightroom won’t open CR3 files because of incompatibility. Here are our best tips for this issue:

  1. Updating Lightroom:

You have to be sure that you are using the latest version of Lightroom. Since CR3 is a relatively new format offering images with better quality, software like Lightroom may not initially support it. Therefore, it’s important to update your Lightroom for that. Periodically, Adobe updates this software and improves it to support some formats like CR3. There are 2 main ways to update it:

Why can t i open cr3 files in lightroom android

  • We suggest visiting Adobe’s official website to check for the latest version of Lightroom.
  • The second way is in the software itself. You should go to the “Help” menu and look for “Check for update”. Then, follow the instructions to update Lightroom. After updating, you won’t be worried that Lightroom won’t import CR3 files.

If you’re lucky, updating Lightroom may resolve your issue. However, if it doesn’t work, there are two other methods we can explore in the following.


  1. Converting CR3 to DNG:

If you are reading this section, either updating Lightroom didn’t end up helping you to handle this problem, or you are interested in learning other ways. DNG, which stands for “Digital Negative,” is a raw image format that Adobe launched in 2004. Converting your CR3 files to DNG will allow you to open them in older versions of Lightroom. As we explained earlier, CR3 contains both data and metadata. It’s crucial to ensure that the conversion process retains all the data and metadata from the CR3 files without reducing their quality, which is a very important component for photographers using the Canon camera series. So, you can convert your CR3 format to DNG and then start editing Lightroom. For those who aren’t eager to convert CR3 to DNG and also updating Lightroom didn’t help them out, there is another way so you can keep it in mind, which we’ll explain in the next step.

Why can t i open cr3 files in lightroom 2021


  1. DPP:

Using Canon’s Digital Photo Professional is the third option we suggest you. DPP is a software that Canon company launched itself. You can easily use DPP to convert your CR3 to JPG or TIEF and then open it in Lightroom without any problems. To do this, after installing Digital Photo Professional, open your CR3 file in DPP. Then choose the format you want (Ex, jpeg) and save the converted file. Importing the file in Lightroom would be the next step so that you can easily edit your image. In this case, you won’t have concerns about CR3 files not opening in Lightroom.



if you are asking yourself the question of “why I can’t open CR3 files in Lightroom”, the first and most important step to handle this issue would be updating Lightroom. Keeping Lightroom up-to-date helps you not to face this problem. However, if you still encounter difficulties, face converter  provides alternative options. Converting CR3 to DNG is one of the options that allow you to open files in old versions of Lightroom. Another option is to use DPP, which is a software that Canon suggested. By using it, you can convert your file into other formats like jpg.


We tried to introduce you to the best and the easiest ways to solve this problem. As your feedback is very valuable to us, if you found this content helpful or you had a similar experience about this subject, please leave us a comment and share this content with others who you think might need it.

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