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How to Add PDF to Apple wallet from email?

Pdf is an ideal format for Electronic ticketing system such as passes and other documentation. It has the highest guarantee for companies that produce tickets for their users because the users cannot fake or change them. Therefore, if you want to take other personal documents with your on a trip, the best resolution for protecting them is to save them in PDF form with a password. But maybe you have challenge to use pdf in your wallet as the user of iPhone or Apple Watch. So, we decided to let you know how to add pdf to Apple Wallet from email in this study on Face converter.

how to add pdf tickets to apple wallet from email?

Apple wallet is an iOS app that offers an appropriate way to manage passes and digital cards such as event tickets. Although it has good potential, many users don’t know its usefulness and how simply they can add pdf to wallet! So, the central question comes to our mind that how to add pdf tickets to our apple wallet from email?

The guideline of this study will tell you about

  • The benefits of using Apple wallet
  • How to add PDF ticket to apple wallet from email
  • Some tips for using Apple wallet
  • Importing Pdf into Passbook (PKPass)
  • PassKit

add pdf ticket to apple wallet

The benefit of adding pdf to wallet iPhone

Apple Wallet has many compelling advantages of the privacy and security for the users. Also, it has the following benefits for the users who don’t know how to add pdf to wallet iPhone and these facts encourage them to learn:

·       Digital Facilities

You can store several tickets, passes and digital cards in just one place that you don’t need to have physical copies. You also decrease the clutter and gathering lots of cards and documentation.

·       Increasing security

Apple wallet uses encryption approaches that make sure your sensitive data to remain safe and secret.

·       Seamless incorporation

This wallet incorporates seamlessly with Apple pay and you can make your transaction with it. You can also get boarding passes and loyalty cards very easily.

·       No harmful to the environment

Apple wallet works without using papers, and you can manage your cards and passes in a more supportable and environmentally friendly.

how to add pdf to wallet iphone

How to add PDF to Apple wallet

You can use and add boarding passes, concert and movie tickets, gift cards and other documentation with the Apple wallet. Therefore, adding pdf to your apple wallet from email can be done in these steps:

  1. First of all, open the app, email or any notification that contains

your ticket or boarding pass.

  1. Next, search for the Add to Apple wallet It has the icon of this shape.
  2. Follow the instructions on your screen which usually tell you to confirm and verify the characteristics of your pass.

You can save the pass on your Apple wallet in Add button that is in the right corner.

Some tips for using Apple wallet

Did you know that beside storing your Pdf documents like ticket payment on your Apple wallet, you can keep your apartment keys and your insurance cards on it, too? Therefore, here are some tips that will help you use Apple wallet more:

  •    Add your driving license
  •    Add digital keys
  •   Add credit and debit cards
  •    Add employee or student ID
  •    Add COVID-19 vaccination card

How do I add PDF tickets to Apple Wallet from email

Importing Pdf into Passbook (PKPass)

Usually, simple format transformations are not suitable for practical work. So, there are some tools that convert and edit them and their format change for especial work. For example, you convert PDF to AI when the design needs to be edited in illustrator, and it isn’t possible to edit your file in the PDF form. Again, for Apple wallet, PDF is exactly one of these formats that need to be converted to PassBook for importing it in the wallet or sharing with others to use in iOS one. You can do it with PdfFiller’s or convert it online via some sites.


The Wallet app allows you to arrange your boarding passes, tickets, gift cards, and loyalty cards. It also lets you operate your payment cards for Apple Pay. Using the PassKit framework, you can add passes to your Wallet and let these passes become visible on your lock screen based on the time and the place when the pass is relevant. You can also update your pass’s content by the use of notifications.


In this comprehensive article, we hope that you get the answer to the question of How to Add PDF to Apple wallet from email on Face converter. After reading this article, let us know your experience of adding your pdf to wallet in comment. We also like to say that if this article was beneficial for you, please share it with your friends in other social media. You can also visit our site to check our converter tool for converting your files in the forms of special work that you need.


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